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High Dose Methotrexate Chemotherapy


I have a question that's a matter of life and death :(. My mother in-law has been diagnosed with primary lymphoma of the brain. Her children opted to go for high dose methotrexate chemotherapy as it has the lowest incidence of side effects and the highest rate (according to Dr. Julette Marie Batara, resident neuro-oncologist of St Lukes Hospital QC) compared to the rituximab+radiotherapy or radiotherapy alone options.:bashful:

The question: Where do I get 1000 milligrams of preservative-free methotrexate? Dr Batara has informed us it will cost us about PHP 7,650.00 per vial and she'll be needing 12 vials per session. She'd be needing 96 vials for the first quarter of the course before her progress is assessed and the dose adjusted. With the methotrexate alone, that will cost us an estimated PHP 185,000.00 per month. :rolleyes:

The problem:

1. The cost is too steep.:mecry: Dr Batara has informed us that aside from the methotrexate, my MIL has to be confined for three days minimum for the chemotherapy and monitoring. There are also other medications that she'll be given - steroids, folinic acid, etc. and tests to undergo - MRI, immunoassay, etc. Don't get me started about the professional fee. My inlaws have difficulty making ends meet so we need to lower the costs.

2. It's not readily available. Methotrexate for injection is sold at 50 milligrams per vial in local drugstores. According to Dr. Batara, the 1000 milligram, preservative-free methotrexate she'll be using will be ordered from the importer-distributor and delivered to her clinic. She didn't say who she's getting it from but I'm guessing it's Zydus/Hospira/Sandoz/Pfizer, unless she's getting it from India. :depressed:

The temporary solution: She has suggested getting the medication from the PCSO. She even gave us papers for it but it will take a month or two to get the free medication. She also recommended to ask relatives abroad if they know of foundations that can source this type of methotrexate. :bawl:

The question: Where do you suggest I get this methotrexate for free or at least at a much lower price? :hmm:


  • genevieregeneviere Member PExer

    Anyone out there? :bop:

    I know there are lots of doctors here. *okay*
  • K_r_a_mK_r_a_m nerd PExer
    In these cases, we usually ask the pharmaceutical company if we can get the medicine from them. At times, it is cheaper and readily available. The only thing is, you have to know the drug company that distributes it. She is also right, asking help from PCSO is another option. You can get the drug for free sometimes, but often you have to pay for a minimum fee. You can also process the papers now because aking from them might take some time.
  • babygirl007babygirl007 Banned by Admin PExer
    Try chinese general hospital. They have a charity ward called annex ward. Professional fee is discounted too given the same consultant in the suite rooms.

    Get all the labs and mri done on out patient department basis (scheduled and done before you are admitted to the hospital). It is much cheaper that way.

    Try calling reputable hospitals. Ask them precision ng mri and price. Canvas.

    Yayks... You can try india. I have a relative who travels to india once a year just to buy meds coz a lot cheaper. Or hongkong.
  • jyannjyann 38K midi-chlorians PExer
    Try the cancer institute of PGH.
  • genevieregeneviere Member PExer
    Thank you for your advice. I`ve done most of your suggestions and I suppose it has helped extend my MIL‘s life for a month. She died 28 August 2013.

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