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Cheap property near Tagaytay

Most stay away from Tagaytay not because of the weather but because of the very steep price of Real Estate in the area. Well, who doesn’t want to have a piece of land in Tagaytay…. it is not only has a favorable climate but it is just 40 minutes drive from Metro Manila.

So how do we solve this problem? Easy… go to Amadeo Cavite. The town is very near Tagaytay and it also has the same climate. The good part about Amadeo is the price of land is much much lower compared to Tagaytay. From there you can build your vacation house and plant your favorite herbs.

The property that is posted here is on the national road and it has several fruit bearing trees like coconut and banana. So all you need is a couple of Siberian Huskies and you have yourself a nice rest house.

SELLING PRICE : Php 1.8 Million
LOT AREA : 1,361 sq.m
PRICE PER SQUARE : Php 1,300 per square
DETAILS : This property has a wide frontage and it is titled. It is highly elevated and you can plant anything here.

For more info you may visit my website at: www.mylungga.com
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