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Big House at Greenwoods

My friend is selling his property and he is giving away some of his furniture for free. He is selling his 3 story house that has a beautiful hanging garden on the 2nd floor. The house has ample car park and plenty of rooms to accommodate guests and take in a platoon of house helpers and employees. My friend stayed in this house for roughly 6 years and it wasn’t affected by the flood during the 2009 Ondoy.
May I also say that this house was built generally for people who wants to reside here for long term. The materials that was used here is not based on commercial use like “Build & Sell” type of house. And as proof you should come and check the house to see how the house was strongly built.
SELLING PRICE : Php 7.5 Million (Negotiable)
LOT AREA : 112 sq.m
FLOOR AREA : 150 sq.m
DETAILS : 4 car garage with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on the ground floor, it has a storage area and overhead tank. The 2nd flood has a wide hanging garden with kitchen, dining room & living room, it also has one bedroom and 1 bathroom. The 3rd floor has 1 office space, 1 bedroom for the kids and 1 common bathroom. The master’s bedroom has a bathroom with a walking closet.

For more info about this property you can go to my website at: http://www.mylungga.com/?p=122
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