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Worst PR Disaster - PS3 vs. X1

* High cost - £425
* Lack of AAA launch titles
* Big franchises lost exclusivity or went multi-plat
* The boomerang controller
* Widely criticised for using rendered videos instead of real gameplay and engines; most infamous of these was the Killzone 2 trailer
* Mixed feedback to system SKU, particularly lack of RAM and the specialised nature of the Cell processor

* Used games controversy
* Internet check-in to play games
* High cost - £419
* Compulsory Kinect camera with rumoured intrusive features
* Massively negative feedback from gamers in comparison to the PS4 reveal

I'd say X1's PR disaster has been worse than Sony's, who despite screwing up royally, still managed to get gamers excited with the potential power of the console and the built-in Blu-Ray drive. The X1 doesn't seem to have that advantage over the PS4.

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