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Do it yourself Carwash, your tools, please share

Balak ko bumili ng air compressor, ireregalo ko sana sa husband ko, nasira kasi yung portable pressurized washer niya, kung kayo, ano ba ang mas maganda sa dalawa? Ano mas gusto ninyo?

saka any tips pa? ano pa mga gamit ninyo para mapa pogi ang sasakyan ninyo?

TIA. :)


  • K.I.L.L.
    K.I.L.L. My brain only has 512mb!
    Use Meguiar's products. :)
  • Nietono_no_Shana
    Nietono_no_Shana Coup de Gr?ce

    I don't use any compressor for cleaning a car thus I cannot be of any help regarding that.

    Just a tip in case you didn't know, for the cloth (pranela/flannel) use in drying the car, instead of buying the ones sold in the street or automotive store, buy it on fabric stores(ex. Megamall Bldg. A, basement). It is cheaper and you could cut it to your preferred length, I usually buy a 1M x 1M pranela then cut it in two (2) then just fold it.
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    I don't use any pressure washer (our water pressure at home is quite good); I just have a good hose, a couple of pails and a nice hose nozzle. Why two pails? One for the upper body of the car and a second pail to use when i soap the tires and low portions with more dirt.

    I use Microtex Wash and Wax (car soap) and a Microtex wash mitt. For drying i use a 3M chamois. For the wheels and wheel wells i use a cheap microfibre towel.

    For Wax, i use either Meguiars or Carlack 68. During the rainy season i use 3M synthetic car wax as it withstands the rains longer then a carnuba based wax.
  • jason_10
    jason_10 auto enthusiast
    I bought 5 gallon car shampoo from Microtex. Forgot the price but if you plan to save in the long run, this is worth it.
    Here are other essentials in maintaining your car
    A wash mitt.
    A decent MF towel
    Claybar (mothers)
    Cleaner wax
    Synthetic sealant
    Carnauba wax
    Wheel Cleaner (cheap ones are about PHP88.00. very useful in removing embedded dust on the rims)
  • K.I.L.L.
    K.I.L.L. My brain only has 512mb!
    I forgot to add about getting a small paint brush. It becomes very useful in taking off dust in nooks and crannies such as air conditioning louvers.
  • Daiso Spray Car Wax para sa mabilisang waxing. Makintab talaga tsikot mo pero madali nga lang mawala epekto pero 88 petot lang kasi at tumatagal ng isang buwan kada bottle. Available sa Trinoma.


    In my case, hindi ko na kailangan ng compressor. Malakas naman pressure ng Nawasa sa amin.
  • that pump will jack up your electric bill.

    everytime i need an under chasis or engine clean up, i would just go to our neighborhood carwash shop. it beats getting wet and dirty.

    our home carwash tools are as follows:
    chamios cloth
    soft squeegee
    an old towel
    an old toothbrush
    rubber window wiper
    bucket (also for washing the intake filters).
  • virtuoso
    virtuoso sometimes u see me
    i don't use a pressurized water compressor when doing a car wash... it's not as important as the following:

    2 buckets of water
    good car shampoo (believe me there's a difference between a generic and a good one)
    microfiber wash mitt
    microfiber towels for drying
    tire black

    then there's detailing...
    clay bar kit
    wax applicator pads
    step 1 pre-wax
    carnauba wax
    wax sealant

    if you want to give your husband a gift, i suggest getting him a good dual action (or random orbit) polisher... black & decker is a good brand. it saves a LOT of time, and energy when detailing the car... or car vacuum ;)
  • microfiber towel
    clay bar
    meguiars polish and wax
    any brand tire shine
  • sa akin 2 bucket system ang gawa ko.

    1 bucket yung may car shampoo, yung second bucket is water lang.

    1. spray ng tubig yung oto para tangal alikabok
    2. wash mitt ang gamit ko pang shampoo, after ma wipe yung certain protion, ilulublob ko sa second bucket yung wash mitt, this way di sumasama yung dumi ulit dun sa bucket na may shampoo. if you do this mas less ang chances na magkaroon ng swirl yung paint mo
    3. usually after each side binabanlawan ko agad para di bumakat yung sabon
    4. I use drying towel para sa pag tuyo. di ako gumagamit ng chamois or pranela, kasi prone sa swirl din itong dalawa. plus yung chamois, if naka wax ka, matatangal wax mo.

    ang gamit ko na sealant at clay bar is Mothers.
    wax ko mothers and collinite. pag di ako nag mamadali i use collinite, so far best wax i have ever used. matibay at long lasting. meron din akong reflections wax para pag nagmamadali ako, spray and wax lang.

    lagi akong may quick detailer sa sasakyan, para kung may dumi ng ibon or mga di inaasahang dumi na di maiwasan madali malinis ng di kumapit sa paint.

    i also use california car duster para iwas gasgas.
  • jazzmine22
    jazzmine22 Non-Member
    super thank you sa inyong lahat mga paps, very nice tips! Kudos to everyone.

    Thank you so much ulit :)
  • I do it myself cause it's cheaper and sort of exercise for me as an excuse to splash on some water to somebody hehehe
  • forgot ...... static duster. ang bilis magtangal ng dust particles before washing the car.
  • masarap talaga mag DIY carwash kasi mas sure ka na alaga yung oto. sa mga carwash pa madalas magkaroon ng swirl marks ang oto
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