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Riza Santos❤ Pinoy & Canada's Pride❤Epitome of Beauty & Grace❤Ms. Universe Cana


Riza Santos’ mission is to inspire and empower women to achieve their dreams. She strives to serve as an example for women to be influencers and leaders in all career fields while exemplifying compassion and servitude.

Her unique combination of studying engineering, serving in the armed forces, succeeding as an international actress and talent, and volunteering in the community embody her life’s mission.

Riza was born in a rural Alberta town with a population of ten thousand people. As a teenager, she spent two years enrolled in the Canadian Forces Army Reserve with 15 Field Ambulance and completed her Basic Military Qualification and Soldier Qualification.

Riza studied Mechanical Engineering at the Schulich School of Engineering. She received numerous scholarships, such as the Chinese Entrepreneurs Society of Canada Scholarship and the University of Calgary’s Science Excellence Award.

She was also awarded both of the prestigious Byron J. Seaman scholarships through Provident Energy and Pembina Pipeline where she was hired as a contractor.

Riza’s interest to promote environmental awareness and sustainability led her to work in partnership with the Canadian International Development Agency [CIDA] and the Philippine Tourism Authority as an Ambassador of Goodwill.

She has worked with CIDA both nationally and internationally through the PEARL II Project. While residing in the Philippines, Riza also became a popular actress for the ABS-CBN television network. She is most recognizable for her roles in many Philippine television shows and movies. Her leading lady role in the movie “Dobol Trobol” gave her the opportunity to work with legendary Philippine actors and earned her a best actress award nomination from the Film Academy of the Philippines (Luna Awards). Dobol Trobol was a blockbuster hit and ranked in the top three at the Philippine box-office for the year of 2008.

In addition, Riza was the official television host of the Asian Poker Tour, with tournaments in Manila and Macau, airing on the CS 9-Sports Channel and Solar Sports. She has graced magazine covers such as Gadgets, Action & Fitness, Total Woman, Women’s Journal, Speed, and MOD to name a few. She has also been an endorsement model for numerous campaigns across Canada and the Philippines.

She is actively involved in the community and has volunteered with several organizations such as the Lions Club, as a track and field coach for Special Olympics Canada, and as an emergency ward volunteer and prevent alcohol risk-related trauma in youth program volunteer at Foothills Hospital. She has also represented Variety – the Children’s Charity and was instrumental in revitalizing tent 55, the Alberta Chapter.


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    Screen Name: Riza Santos
    Full Name: Riza Raquel Santos
    Origin: Canada
    Nationality: Canadian
    Occupation: Model,artist
    Sport: Track and Field
    Hidden Ambition: To become a doctor
    Claim to Fame: Miss Earth, Miss World and Miss Universe - Canada
    Achievements: Filipina that represented Canada in 3 prestigious beauty pageant

    She maybe Canadian but Riza is pure Pinay, her parents hailing from Bulacan and Bataan. Both engineers, her parents’ jobs took them to Canada as immigrants. And although she has lived in North America all her life, Riza is raised with Filipino values and has very close family ties. She admits though to breaking the rules and sneaking out to party with the popular kids one night when she was 16. She returned home to find her sister enraged for her parents were still out looking for her. Riza then vowed never to do it again.

    Riza began concentrating on charity work and community service. She even joined the military as a medic. She’s also a counselor at a crisis center for pregnant women and has vowed to save her self for the man she loves on her wedding day. Riza even wears a ring on her engagement finger to seal this promise. Riza’s grandparents inspired her to become a soldier in the Canadian Forces Army Reserve. She is a reporter for the Army News as well. Riza was a student at the University of Calgary studying Biological Science. She had hopes of becoming a doctor.

    Riza, like most of her family, is an achiever. Aside from her military career and vocations, she studied Biology in college. Quite talented, she has also designed some of the gowns she has worn on pageants. Riza dreams of having a singing and acting career someday too.

    In her Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2 stint, she played for Bantay Bata, ABS-CBN Foundation's charitable institution. On Day 84, she was proclaimed the second placer of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition 2.

    Riza is the October 2007 cover girl for FHM Philippines.

    Riza Santos an old student at the University of Calgary. She is majoring in Biological Sciences (Pre-Med), and aspires to become a Medical Doctor. She is qualified soldier in the Canadian Forces Army Reserve from the 15 Field Ambulance Regiment. She is also a reporter for the Army News.

    In addition, Riza is a member of the Youth Advisory Council of Calgary and was exclusively invited for a private informal discussion with the Right Honorable Michaelle Joan, Governor General of Canada.

    Riza is also a “Commisssioner for th Students Interested in Medical Sciences Club” (2nd largest club in the University of Calgary).

    Voluntary workd is important to Riza. As such she is a coach for “Special Olympics Canada”, and volunteers in the emergency ward at Foothills Hospital. She is also trained to Counsel Young woman facing unplanned pregnancies with the “Crises Pregnancy Emergency Care Center”. One of Riza’s greatest passions is singing. In her spare time she enjoys dancing, (jazz, ballet, hip-hop, Philippine folk) fashion design, and sewing. Her favorite sports are cycling, track and field, and badminton.
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    To know her more!! here's the Video:
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    Miss Earth
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