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You know you are a Kim Chiu fan if...

NakuraNakura Moderator PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
Because Ina Kapatid Anak just ended, we would like to ask you to complete the sentence below

You know you are a Kim Chiu fan if ...

No bashing please! :)

(We will do similar threads like these for other celebrities eventually)


  • rsvphrsvph Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I know am a Kim Chiu fan by way of showing love and respect for her,, through my post here in pexworld! It shows,, LOVELOVELOVE :heartpump:
  • jcaguonjcaguon jcaguon PExer
    as a Kim Chiu fan, I will continue to support all her projects , tv guestings, endorsements and most of all her upcoming movie with Xian Lim BAKIT HINDI KA CRUSH NG CRUSH MO?

    hope to see her on Primetime soon.:love:
  • carnation08carnation08 Member PExer

    You patronize all her product endorsements like Whisper, Rejoice, Olay Natural Papaya Bar, Bantex, Bench, Kim Chiu Body Spray of Bench, Unisilver jewelry, Cherry Mobile, etc.
  • Edith_LagarEdith_Lagar Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    ako kasi kim na since pbb. up to now iam her big fan.
  • schatzee_leeschatzee_lee Member PExer
    I really love KIM CHIU forever. I promise to my self & to her that I am here for her to SUPPORT her all PROJECTS, ENDORSEMENTS, MOVIES & her LIFE to the FULLEST!!! Hindi lang dahil may kaLoveteam siya kundi MISMO SIYA!!!!

    Whatever people say about YOU!! You still my one and only KIM CHIU is my life.

    I love you so much Kimmy. Hope to see you soon. :luvu::heartful:
  • auds192509auds192509 Bend it like Beckham ;) PExer
    Im a certified Kim Chiu fan dahil gumagastos ako ng bonggang bonggang to the maximum level sa lahat lahat ng may kinalaman sa kanya mapa text votes, magazine covers, product endorsements, movie tickets, fashion show tickets name it..:lol:...imbiyernakels din ako pag may nang aapi sa kanya pero it does not mean na papatulan ko sila noh...:p kalerks manigas sila digital naman ang karma... :p :rotflmao:
  • risssarisssa Member PExer
    ... kapag napapaaway ka na sa mga kakilala, kaibigan, at kahit kamag-anak mo mapag tanggol lang sya sa mga issues nya lately...
  • 8RBC88RBC8 Ryoma PExer only watch Primetime because of her. :love:
  • merlyn viamerlyn via Member PExer
    You know you are a KIM CHIU fan....

    if you read all articles with her name in the heading... if you surf anything about her in the net...if you watch all her movies and anticipate to watch all her TV appearances .... etc...etc
  • merlyn viamerlyn via Member PExer
    if you follow her on IG and twitter.... etc ...etc
  • merlyn viamerlyn via Member PExer
    when you never get tired of watching her every move ... day in , day out!!! in movies, TV, commercials, magazine covers, endorsements, etc, etc....:love::love:
  • MAT_02MAT_02 Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Pag alam mo ang Peng You.
  • 8RBC88RBC8 Ryoma PExer
    pag gumagawa ka ng gif ng mukha niya... cto

  • clingclingclingcling Member PExer
    pag proud ka sa mga na achieve niya sa personal & showbiz life niya. :)
  • clingclingclingcling Member PExer
    pag nasabi mo na kababayan ko siya. she's one of cebu's pride. :)
  • AerialVoyager09AerialVoyager09 Member PExer
    I'm a certified Kim Chiu fan since PBB days pa. I support every project and endorsement she has. I LOVE HER TANDEM WITH XIAN THE MOST. SEEING HER HAPPY MAKES ME HAPPY!
  • If I support her all the way.. staying late at night surfing the net about the latest news update about Kim Chiu, voting online to any polls which her name is included, watching her on TV even I hate the dumb writer who wrote her teleserye, buying the products she is endorsing and bringing here in Canada to give to my friends and relatives as pasalubong, buying and collecting magazines with her lovely face and sexy body on the cover and lastly I am happy when she's happy, sad when she's sad and lonely and get mad to those who use, bash and put her down... thats how I love my lovely KIM CHIU! call me crazy but thats how I admire this girl .
  • strandedstrangerstrandedstranger Gab Scardragon PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    if you defend her always despite and in spite of...
  • bisangni1bisangni1 ate bebs PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    you know you are a kim chiu fan if:

    1. stalker ka nya :p

    2. bibili ng mags na P100 + at ipapa LBC abroad :rotfl: :rotfl:

    3. pinagSONA sa pex :lol:

    4. Nanunuod ng serye maski high blood :rotfl: :rotfl:

    5. Nakakapalabas ng pera kong nakapadlock sa kaban na yero :rotfl:

    KEM CHIU IS MY LAB :heartpump:
  • Rafiboy_05Rafiboy_05 I Love The KNIGHT Life PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    You know you are a Kim Chiu fan if...

    You watch/support lahat ng TV projects, Movies, endorsements, magazines etc. kahit sino pa ang ipares sa kanya.

    I've been a fan of Kimmy since PBB days pa.

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