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DIY on your car

Hi guys sino dito nag try base lang sa panonood sa you tube. Ako anything related to my car nagawa ko na. Share your experiences pls..


  • DIM (did it myself):

    1. painted front and rear disk brake calipers
    2. Replaced shock absorbers and lowering springs
    3. Installed and re-wired car-stereo, speakers, subwoofer and amplifier
    4. Installed vacuum, voltmeter and air-fuel ratio gauge (with O2 sensor wiring)
    5. Installed relay and ceramic headlight sockets
    6. Installed and wired up auxilliary driving lights
    7. Replaced fanbelts
    8. replaced alternator
    9. Replaced throttle-body with a bigger one
  • Sabi nga ng iba DIY also means destroy it yourself. Nowadays madami mga mekaniko na di talaga marunong, praktisan lang sasakyan mo. Personally I would rather DIY, you learn stuff and its cheaper o nlabor.

    Research is the key, google or youtube..
  • jiexy
    jiexy totoy mahaba
    Last time na nagpa oil change ako nag oofer ba naman ng engine flush. Alam ko na binebentahan lang ako kasi di naman kailangan. Kung hindi lang winter at sinisipag ako ako na nag oil change ng kotse ko. Tipid pa.
  • List of DIY I did by learning it thru the Internet

    1. Top off all the fluids (transmission, brake, coolant, power steering, washer)
    2. Change windshield wiper
    3. Change tires, rims, hubcaps.
    4. Change oil
    5. Change sparkplugs
    6. Install cold air intake (car modding)
    7. Install carbon fiber hood (car modding)
    8. PlastiDip bumper (car modding)

    That's all I can think for now.
  • Wala ako alam sa mnga sasakyan ko I just drive and go
    pero sa toyota tacoma ko pinalitan ko ang ilaw
    nilagyan ko ng hid hahahah
    super bright naman
  • Overhauled my engine again after four months due to lousy overhauling job from a supposedly US trained mechanic!

    -ported cylinder head using dremel and sandpaper
    -skimmed head via diy float glass and fine sand paper
    -honed cylinder walls using honing stones on drill
    -replaced all clam shell bearings on main and con rods
    -replaced wiper motor due to worn armature
    -cleaned and painted all axles, axle housing
    -greased all bearings on wheel spindles
    -rebuilt differential
    -adjusted timing of distributor, cleaned distributor rotor and assembly
    -greased leaf springs in between to minimize stiction

    After all that engine work is done I can really feel the difference in engine performance, like night and day.

    Trivial things like waxing my car gives me a headache, I only wax once every 6 months. Who cares if my vehicle is not spotless, at least I know it wont fail me on the road which is more important than looks.
  • meron bang DIY for gaskets?
  • meron bang DIY for Gaskets?
  • Vellumoid, just trace the pattern and cut with a sharp scissors, and punch holes out using the right sized tool punch.
    For head gasket pagawa ka nalang sa may quiapo area, although not sure a quality ng materials nila (last resort pag wala ng available na replacement head gasket).
  • jason_10
    jason_10 auto enthusiast
    ^^what is your engine? I think it would be better if you replace it with an OEM or a good quality gaket than to fabricate.
  • ok,, is their any brand you suggest for cylinder head gasket?
  • jason_10
    jason_10 auto enthusiast
    ^You have to post what kind of engine you have. Ideally, OEM is the best.
  • shun_sakurai
    shun_sakurai when in doubt, FLAT OUT!

    - Replaced my seats with Recaro seats on BRIDE rails
    - Installed CCFL front footwell lighting
    - Took apart the A/C system; cleaned out the evaporator, condenser and blower
    - Replaced old engine bay splash shield with a new one
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    My dumbest DIY moment was bringing down the stock exhaust manifold on a Nissan GA engine, only to discover the headers i was installing would not fit as it would hit an aircon pipe. DOH! (Lesson learned: shoulda measured clearances beforehand).
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  • Baby Diy lang..

    1. Home made windshield reservoir tank cover
    2. Change rear plate lights
    3. Change front passenger actuator for power locking
    4. TBD

    gusto ko matutunan mag change oil :)
  • sana may step by step DIY thread
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