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2013 Honda CR-V 2.0S vs. Mazda CX-5 A/T

Which among these 2 is better in terms of resale value, after-sales support, and overall feature to cost ratio. Please help. Thanks in advance.


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    K.I.L.L. My brain only has 512mb!
    Resale value: CR-V

    After sales support: Honda has always been better compared to Mazda though there might be an improvement for Mazda since it is now Berjaya running the show. Berjaya's track record in the automotive industry is pretty good.

    Overall feature to cost ratio: I have test-driven both cars and I think my vote goes to the Honda. The sky active engine of the Mazda is pretty good and I have been told that it is also quite fuel efficient. However, I find the Honda to be roomier and more solidly built. I also prefer the layout of the dashboard of the CR-V. If you ask me, a better contender would have been the Subaru Forester XT. If you compared the CX-5 to the Rav4, I would also choose the Rav4 which by the way I have also already test-driven.
  • Thanks kill. My max budget is 1.45M including insurance, so both forester xt and rav4 (mid model) are beyond my budget. I guess I'll go for the CR-V.
  • K.I.L.L.
    K.I.L.L. My brain only has 512mb!
    If you can, go for the Japan made units. They still have a few I think leftover which they are selling at a discount. I find the Japan made units better.

    Good luck!

    Oh by the way, your budget can accommodate the base models for the Fortuner and Montero Sport. These have a higher ground clearance which is better for wading through our flood prone streets.
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