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Can I still pass DLSU if I don't have great high school grades?

GUYS PLS HELP! I am on my fourth year na this coming school year and I really had bad grades during my High School years kasi I was always absent during my first year because I was always sick so naturally, my grades were affected. tipong 70+

Then in my second year, I didn't do good pa din despite my efforts. I did bad in Math but was okay in other subjects

Third year, my only problem was science.

do i have a chance to pass DLSU kase dream ko talaga yun. I study in a private school na medyo mataas **** ang standards so i don' tknow talaga i'm just scared

i know it's my fault but please don't rub it in my face na. hahaha thanks.


  • If you do well on the entrance exam and submit the recommendations (more the merrier), you might get in. The grades won't matter much if the reviewers can see that you're intelligent and willing.
  • Yeah, you will. As long as you nail the DLSUCET. You can do it. *okay*
    I feel you. Ganyan rin ako eh. :lol:
  • First line that they factor in is your DLSUCET - you score really high there they'll forget everything else
    Second line that they factor in is your recommendation letters - if both of your teachers gave you a full recommendation, they'll most likely get you in
    Third line is now current High School. Feeder Schools (let's admit it - there are) tend to have a priority mainly due to "monetary weights"
    And then lastly is your High School Grades

    I know some who did poorly in High school but got into DLSU in flying colors. Of course they did shape up when they got into DLSU :)
  • Well, you really can't change things now. Control what you can control.. like your DLSUCET results and 4th year high school grades ;)
  • My grades weren't that impressive too and my science was horrible. But whew, I passed. :D
    I squealed when I found out. ;) Kaya yan! Just work it!
  • I had a friend in high school who topped the class but didn't get in. Wala sa grades yan :p
    Just ask for a reconsideration if you got unlucky. Pwedeng maiba nga lang ang course na makukuha mo sa gusto mo pero you can still shift anytime :D
  • Nasa grades yan! :) Nasa luck din :)banner1_468x60.png
  • It's possible. May line of 7 ako sa Chemistry but luckily I got in!
  • The admissions office doesn't have the time to browse through every single report card of its applicants. Besides, DLSU probably knows that the grading standard varies in every school. In some schools 85 is already high while in others it's just average.
  • Hi. Question lang cause I got Qualified Waitlisted Third Choice. What does this mean and kung ganun, sure ba na pasok na ako sa DLSU?
  • Depende kung maganda young high school mo at maganda score mo sa DLSUCET , makakapasa ka. Yung 90 kasi sa 2nd or 3rd-tier HS, 80% lang sa mga 1st-tier. Mababa kasi magbigay ng grades any 1st-tier schools so galingan mo na lang sa CET.
  • Hoi, okay lang :)
    Kung ganda imong performance sa DLSUCET, I think you will pass.
    For me, my filipino grades were blank for First Year & Second Year (No filipino in the country I was from) So you'll be finnnneeeee (Y)
  • mannersmannersmannersmanners PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    May pag asa pa po ba makakuha ng 100% scholarship sa DLSU kahit parang kay ts ang hs grades ko?
  • I really really hope I get responses, I really need them. Thank you!


    I have three questions to post, first is regarding my first DLSUCET during my senior year in high school. I took the "special test" during summer. I quoted "SPECIAL TEST" because that's how they called it and was meant for students who, I think, suddenly decided to get into the uni last minute (and for those who're asking for reconsideration)
    Once I got the results online the remark was "FAILURE TO PROVIDE SLOTS", or something like that. But I'm pretty sure it had something to do with not having enough slots to accommodate me. I was wondering if this was just a nicer way of saying that I DID NOT PASS, or did I actually pass but there really were no more slots. And was there any possible way that I could've still studied in DLSU despite such remark?

    Second is, I'm planning to transfer this coming 2ND TERM to DLSU with AB-CA as my first choice. I've read some threads saying that Communication is a quota course, is this true? And can you please also tell me what courses are quota?

    Lastly, what should I study so much for the transfer test?

    I'm currently studying in a college in Katipunan with Communication as my course. Grades are good and my CQPA last A.Y. was 3.679 which is an equivalent of 92. I have good credentials with me that I also hope could get me through.
  • You can do it! Don't worry. You can still control your 4th year grades and please be more active sa extra-curricular activities.
  • did u get in tho?

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