99.5 PLAY FM: The Station of the New Generation

Meet the new RT.

Not the same as the old RT.



  • amokBotamokBot Member PExer
    My thoughts:

    It's Magic 89.9 times two. Everyone, especially King DJ Logan, guessed it right. This completes the Magic's coup de grace of the 99.5 frequency.

    In essence, Play FM is designed to be like Yes FM which complements 90.7 Love Radio in the mass-based category. The bosses thought, if MBC was able to do it, why can't we, considering we have five stations in our fold?

    Good luck to "The Station of the New Generation", many who have grown to love RT won't stand the new DWRT-FM and will definitely be tuning out.
  • amokBotamokBot Member PExer
    And as if stomping on 99.5 RT's legacy is not enough, they just OVERLAPPED the current 99.5 RT fanpage instead of creating a new one which should;ve been more appropriate. A social media disaster in the making.
  • eddyon102eddyon102 Eddie OnAir PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Para sa akin, OK na yan. Pero ang worst, si Tim Yap. alanganin naman sa pagiging DEKADENTE (social climber). He's the biggest middle finger EVER.

    BTW, the show called "The Playground", it sounds much unfamiliar to RT's Da Playground where Da Kid (Winner Santos) was.

    IN MY OPINION: I should refer to this: Magic 89.9 is just like Z100 New York while 99.5 Play FM is much familiar to 102.7 KIIS-FM Los Angeles's playlist.
  • Jing (aka Dirty J) at 10, followed by Inka (same name!) at 2. Seems Scarlet's doing weekends since she's joining The Playground on Fridays only (replacing Tim Yap).
  • mutilatormutilator Member PExer
    This has been rather underwhelming so far. 99.5 RT used to have on of the best playlist in the metro (arguably right after Jam) but now it's just mediocre. And if they're going to retain some DJs, why remove King DJ Logan who anchors their most entertaining show? Does the new management have some sort of grudge with him or they just want to troll the listeners by kicking him out and putting in boring and clueless jocks?
  • MrYos0MrYos0 Exile On Main Street PExer
    Flo Rida??
  • beatlebugbeatlebug Member PExer
    can't stand the playlist.
    ugh. my ears.
  • Jaz Reyes and someone else (can't recall who) from 6pm.

    Some guy named Billy (girl names Billie?) at 10pm.

    All right. No-go zone in under three hours.
  • eddyon102eddyon102 Eddie OnAir PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Jaz Reyes and someone else (can't recall who) from 6pm.

    Lil Joey? or what?
  • eddyon102 wrote: »
    Lil Joey? or what?

    Not Joey eh... I think it's JJ Justin?
  • LOLOLOLOLLOLOLOLOL Weh, di nga? PEx Expert ⭐⭐⭐⭐
    this sums up my thoughts on play fm


    and ... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: putting jaz "palengkera" reyes on the primetime slot
  • badofiladabadofilada Member PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    to amokBot and the others:

    Yung 99.5, muntik na din talaga maging isang Wow FM clone.
    And also, what if 96.3 Easy Rock will truly be as an ala-Magic and Play, what can you say about that?
    And also, The Playground is truly a similar name to Magic 89.9's Sunday morning program, Big Daddy's Playground, and The Playground with Finch (with Tyler formerly hosted it)
    And, anu-ano talaga ang mga ginawa ni Tim Yap sa inyo?
  • thebestusernamethebestusername The Best User Title PExer
    Di for me ang new RT. I hate DJ Nico from the morning show, medyo mic hog (if there's such a term).

    And, kailan pa naging pang primtetime si Jaz Reyes. Can't understand bakit niya pinaltan si KDL.
  • Nighttime Playtime with Jaz and Justin: easily the weakest show on the station... and I'm not saying this just because Jaz is in it.
  • forgforg Administrator PEx Moderator
    It's OK naman for me except the morning show because I don't like Tim Yap. Good luck to them and may they find a market and slice of the advertising pie.
  • BeerhandBopBeerhandBop I Am WHIP PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I listened from 10am to about 6pm, which is dirty j and inka's timeslot. honestly, the playlist is ALRIGHT. I think the only people they offended with the new playlist are the nu107 listeners.

    They're going back to the type of music they had when rt came back from campus radio.

    jaz reyes was a bit subdued tonight, that said, that doesn't make her show any better din.
  • James Ty IIIJames Ty III Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I haven't listened to PLAY FM yet, but I have a feeling that I will not listen to both PLAY and Magic.

    First, Jessica is no longer in Magic's afternoon slot and she is now with Good Times.

    And I also have a feeling that Mo had a hand in reformatting RT and making it a Magic clone. I remember, MAX FM also was a Magic clone before it became WOW FM.
  • amokBotamokBot Member PExer
    In fact, the top management of the new station is not just controlled by one, but two people who are still connected with the mother ship!

    A random comment on Facebook caught this eye:

    "... appears like there are now two 89.9 stations! shallow!"
  • eddyon102eddyon102 Eddie OnAir PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    From Rey Refran via VSORT on Facebook:
    99.5 Play FM - himpilan ng mga dekadenteng t#$%@.

    In short: a clear INSULT to the legacy...
  • beatlebugbeatlebug Member PExer
    Day 2: trying to listen and digest the playlist. Too much top40 and a lot less of the less mainstream songs (Breakbot, The Killers, et al).

    I was following inka's and dirty j's tweets and reading between the lines, it seems like they themselves aren't too fond of their playlist. But yeah, let's give them a break, so far (for today at least), what they're playing is tolerable (pa) naman...

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