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A Crash Course in San Beda Mendiola College of Law Freshmen

Good afternoon comrades, yesterday I have finally enlisted in the ranks of the Lannisters (granted such an extemporaneous analogy would not hold under scrutiny), and it dawned on me that my knowledge of my newfound school is woefully inadequate, indeed well-nigh nonexistent before I wandered aimlessly inside Casterly Rock (the Beda campus).

Prior to the examination/enrollment, I haven't the faintest clue where San Beda was, that they apparently labelled themselves as Bedista (elicited a rather hearty laugh from me), or that their totem was the Red Lions. Thy kindred had always been born and bred as a Stark (Atenean. I know the Stark is a direwolf totem, not an eagle but allow me to pigeonhole this for now), and this preposterous ignorance is not the result of deep-seated willful elitism, merely the offshoot of the commitment of a social recluse.

This modest ignoramus will be eternally indebted to any Lannister (insert the famous Lannister adage) who would venture to educate him on the ff:

What is the dress code (I seriously feel like sporting my Trafalgar Law cosplay)? Are iPads or laptops encouraged during class? Or will the utilization of technology draw the ire of professors? Where do students purchase their law-pertinent books? My brother bought his inside the confines of Winterfell (Ateneo. It has a Rex Book Store situated inside the school)?

I understand that this litany of grievances should be addressed by the orientation, but that day is slated one day before the actual classes.
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