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Thoracolumbar Dextroscoliosis

Hi! 3 years ago nadiagnose po ako ng scoliosis (thoracolumbar dextroscoliosis to be exact) with an angle of 36 degrees (cobb method). I undergo theraphy first (mostly exercise lang) and my doctor advised me to exercise more during my free time especially swimming. Now last week, the x-ray showed that:
- dextroscoliosis of the thoracolumbar spine fromt4 to l1 with an angle of 34 degrees
- dextroscoliosis increases to a 55 degree angle in the leftward bending position
- decreases to 23 degrees angle in the rightward bending position

Now can anyone explain the 2nd and 3rd? (increases to 55 and decreases to 23) Should I get a brace or undergo surgery? And last, aside from swimming what other exercise or sport do you recommend for me?. Btw. I'm 16/ Thank you
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