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Best and Worst National Sports Associations in the Phil

If I'm not mistaken, there are 48 NSA recognized by POC and PSC. Here's the question for debate:

"Name ONLY ONE NSA that is the best, and another ONE that is the worst and tell us why."

Although sigurado ako na there's more "the worst" than "the best".


  • To start with, here's my take:

    Best - BAP-SBP - with the backing of MVP and the revamp and better leadership, Philippine basketball is now on the rise to be a contender in the international tournaments.

    Worst - sa sobrang dami, mahirap pumili. but if based sa pinaka latest na news, i'll say Philippine Karatedo Federation since it has the head that isn't a karatedo. his black belt is just honorary so he can run for president.
  • since nakapagbigay na ako ng best and worst, eto **** ang mga honorable mention:

    best -
    National Golf Association of the Philippines - headed by former amatuer standout Tommy Manotoc, receives the PSA award for the best NSA (alongside BAP-SBP) in 2012.

    Amateur Boxing Association of the Philippines - because of it's better leadership structure (compared to its troubled past), this NSA has given the nation better atheletes in boxing that can now compete toe to toe against the best in the world.

    Philippine Football Federation - instrumental in the creation of the Azkals

    Philippine Volleyball Federation - politics! the head has even sacked their director after the director has takent the initiative to form a national team with the backing of a multi-national company.

    Philippine Badminton Association - again, politics. will always field their favorite players in any tournaments even if there's better players available.

    Philippine Amateur Swimming Association - just like the previous one, politics. won't even let some of the best swimmers to train in their facilities unless they're accredited with them.
  • TheEndofDaysTheEndofDays PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    There is no best NSA in the PH right now

    Good but not best:
    National Golf
    SBP - FIBA Asia this year is their latest accomplishment

    Mid - but a lot of improvements:
    PFF - Palakasan nandyan pa rin kaya yang 3 matandang members nandyan pa rin sa NT
    PTK - With the exit of some of the best taekwondo players frm NT, hirap sila ngayon mag hanap

    PVF - May liga na sana para sa mga babae pina hinto ng head nito, sumisikat na sana volleyball. Ayaw niyang walang parte (lagay ba...)

    PBA - Maraming magaling na badminton players maliban sa kanilang NT pool no! kaya lang ayaw nila kasi players nila priority. This what happend before when the asuncion's left from the control of PBF and with their expense, join some tourney's

    PASA - swimmers at divers natin walang pag-asa kung nandyan pa rin ang talamak na pulitika

    Most Worst!
    PCKF - Claiming they are the legit federation for dragon boat only in the PH (ogag ang head nila), international level still recognize PDBF. Sige nga PCKF paddlers vs PDBF paddlers olats PCKF! and by it's name susme Canoe/Kayak federation is far named from Dragon Boat
    PATAFA - Iniwan na tayo sa track and field sa South East asia ng mga kapitbahay natin
  • I won't be naming names so just do the math, este, the match.

    For me the best are NSAs that...

    ..... consistently win medals in major international sporting events like the SEA Games and Asian Games.

    ..... produce medals despite receiving meager or no support from the PSC.

    ..... are able to secure funding from the private sector since the government's budget for sports is limited.

    ..... are able to discover more talents and potential medal winners.

    ..... regularly liquidate cash advances and return unused funds.

    ..... regularly holds tournaments across the country to discover more talents.

    ..... are headed by people who love the sport and have no other agenda but to improve the level of competitiveness of the country in that particular sport. Some of these individuals went to the extent of using their own money just to finance the training and international stints of their athletes.

    ..... are being handled by people who are willing to step down and give up their posts if they feel that they the public have already lost trust in them.

    ..... take care of their athletes properly, giving them access to proper training, nutrition and comfortable living conditions.

    Now for the cream of the crap.

    The worst for me are NSAs that...

    .... are headed by two presidents and divided into two or more factions.

    .... are headed by overstaying leaders who cling on to their positions despite consistent poor performances in international competitions.

    .... are headed by politicians. Having a politician as POC president is already a bad example.

    .... are handled by people who use their positions for their personal gain and ulterior motives.

    .... do not have concrete grassroots development and talent identification programs.

    .... have remained stagnant for decades, resulting in the deterioration of the sport.

    .... still refuse to liquidate cash advances and allocate the money for the athlete's training and expenses.

    .... give false medal hopes and refuse to accept responsibility in the event of a debacle.

    .... play favorites, choosing their manoks over other deserving athletes. :socool:
  • Worst - PATAFA and PASA, enough with politics...
  • ceedeeceedee PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I'm wondering why all of you are finding it difficult to find the best and the worst NOC when in fact, it is the Philippine Olympic Committee headed by no less than lolo Peping Cojuangco is the worst of them all. With all the politics in this organization, all our sports development, except basketball and football, went from worst to extinct under his watch. No wonder our Philippine sports have failed to win an Olympic medal since 1996.
  • duriancoffeeduriancoffee PEx Rookie ⭐
    Haha, daming kinalimutan ang Phil. Rugby Football Union (PRFU), which is I think is the best performing na NSA so far. Sa palagay ko kahit kulang ang pondo, dami nila talagang ginawa para mapatunayan na kaya nilang gawing top rugby nation sa Asia. Walang palakasan. Walang korupsyon. Walang duda.

    Tingnan nyo ang Volcanoes, nakaabot ng Rugby World Cup 7s at nasa Elite Division pa rin sila ng Asian Rugby at may chance pa silang mag-qualify sa 2015 Rugby World Cup 15s. So there.
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