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Did you ever join other Pinoy LGBT Forums like Pinoypride.org?

DriversuckerDriversucker PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
Ako I was a member of PPO (Pinoy Pride Org) under the same username ang kaso ang hindi ko nagustuhan doon....

... the forum was meant for hook ups :(

GEBs nila doon ay meant to find a partner... Ang kaso I never intended to join the forums for hook ups. I only wanted to find a place where I can freely express my gayhood without being really into a group thing. I was eventually deemed as a poser dahil nga ayaw ko magpatira, este magpakita sa kanila :D

Lagi ako nagpo post ng shocking (true to life experiences with straight daddies I go after) stories sa chatbox nila doon and it got to a few members so much so that they wanted to meet me in person and get me boned.

I'm just disappointed na wala na yung site ngayon :(


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