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Psp 1000 2000 3000

Hinde na ba nagrerelease ang sony ng bagong games.. Lahat puro sa psp vita na?


  • Honestly speaking, I have met a lot of people already and most of them have PSPs. And it's not very shocking to see or to know that "all" of their games on PSP are pirated, using custom Firmware.

    It seems that CFW was a big ease for them to use their PSP as instant media hub for free users. :D
    I believe that majority (not all) of developers are cancelling their announced games and ported it on VITA instead due to viral piracy on PSP, heck even indie devs rather choose to port or program their titles to Android devices, it's more profitable for them with the help of open-source program. What's more appealing is, most of the games are Freeware, so no piracy, it's free.. Thanks to Google Play btw :D
    Unlike close platforms like gaming consoles. You have to work with these console manufacturers and make a partnership agreement just to release games or apps and sometimes they're asking for higher royalty fees..

    And another reason why most developers jumping to VITA as their default hardware of choice is due to PSP old specs. I don't think Marvel vs CAPCOM 3 or Uncharted Golden Abyss will run on PSP, with only 333mhz of RISC processor with only 32 to 64mb of RAM. While PSVITA has 1Ghz Quad core A9 cortex CPU with PowerVR GPU, married with 512mb of RAM + 128mb VRAM.

    It's really obvious that developers are now focusing on Next Gen hardware rather than focus on old 2004 hardware like PSP. Oh and one last thing PSP has sold 76 million as of 2012.
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