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ProShortlist: Internet Researcher - Work From Home


Internet Researcher - Work From Home
working for Proshortlist Pty Ltd
  • Work from home day shift role
  • Non-voice research role with plenty of training
  • Great salary, HMO and many other benefits on offer

ProShortlist is an Australian based research company that does extremely complex non-voice/Internet based research for a number of large companies. We have an existing Manila based research team who all work from home and we want to expand this team dramatically to cater for a large contract. Our head office is in Sydney but our clients are spread arond Sydney, Melbourne, Austin, Chicago and San Francisco.

Who is ProShortlist?
Clients engage with ProShortlist so we can help with complex Internet based research projects. Our markedly different approach to research shows in the quality and velocity of the data we provide and the rapturous reviews we get from clients.

  • Excellent basic monthly salary on offer.
  • 3k PHP monthly Internet and computer allowance.
  • 10 days paid leave per year.
  • Paid public holidays.
  • 13th month pay.
  • 3k PHP monthly health insurance contribution to cover your individual or family HMO plan.

Why work for us?
  • We are an established Australian company with an existing team of Manila based work from home staff.
  • We provide up to two weeks of paid training.
  • We will teach you the latest Internet research skills.
  • We have quarterly team building and social events so you get to meet the rest of the team in person.
  • This is a work from home role so no more long commutes into the office.

Who will be a good fit for this role?
A high level of education and experience is useful but is not any assurance that you will be good at this role. As we said previously ProShortlist does research very differently. If you have no work experience or high level education you are still encouraged to apply as we have roles at all levels. We generally hire people with the following skills and personality traits:
  • Extreme passion for technology, gadgets and the latest Internet services. You probably read Reddit, Quora, Twitter and soak up information like a sponge.
  • You pick up new technology skills much faster than your friends and peers. People look to you for technology advice.
  • Obsessed with perfect collation and formatting of accurate data. You hate it when a column of phone numbers are not all in the same format.
  • Perfect written English. You often pick out spelling and grammatical errors in other peoples work.

Essential Requirements:
  • Minimum 3mbps ADSL connection required once you pass training. Wireless/3G is not fast enough.
  • Fast computer with a decent sized screen.
  • A quiet and distraction free area to work in your home.
  • Must be extremely computer savvy and a quick typer.
  • Excellent written English.
  • You are a little bit OCD when it comes to getting things perfect

Where will you work?
ProShortlist is a virtual company in that none of our staff work from a dedicated central office. We have staff in India, Indonesia, Australia and Thailand. This enables us to attract the best people to work with us on a global basis not just in a tiny radius around one office. You can either work from home or from a serviced office nearby if you do not have a dedicated home office. Some of our staff rent offices and work together if they are in the same location.

How to apply?
If you are interested in this role please complete our application form


  • dont apply in this company. me and my friends have been waiting for our training pay for almost a month, 3-4 weeks running now and still nothing. im just wondering if this is only the case for us who didnt pass training, what if actually they do this to their employees too? they dont prioritize their people first. they want quality work but they cant equalize it by sending out payments "in timely manner".

    to the owner: you only get your $$$ because of your ppl, so work extra hard to reflect on their hardwork by giving out payments in due time! by due time i meant no late payments! thumbs down to this company!
  • Is their training home-based too?
  • @DreamCather916 Yes training is also home based.
    @grimreaper2015 All training payments are made within 4 weeks of you successfully or unsuccessfully completing our training. If you have not received your payment please email your training manager to confirm the PayPal details you provided.
  • Hello! I saw a post on jobsdb on March 28, regarding your job opening. I applied and was able to complete the final test. However, it's been 2 days now and I haven't received an email regarding the result of my application yet. Also, the job post on jobsdb was removed when I checked it again. May I know how long it takes for me to be informed about my status? Or do you guys not inform applicants anymore if they failed? Thanks.
  • Unfortunately due to the volume of applications we get for the role we are unable to individually respond to everyone. Anyone that passes the first and second test should receive an invite to attend training within 7 days. If it is past that time then your test results were not scored high enough to pass.

    You are also welcome to reapply at anytime if you think you can do a better job on the tests.
  • we only use pocket wifi since we cannot have dsl here in our location because there is no slot available.. i applied in different telecommunication companies and they all answered the same.. no slot.. can i still apply? I can assure that a 42mbps pocket wifi we have will not going to be a dissapointment.. tnx..
  • They didnt tell the whole process clearly starting from the training, they didnt even tell that its possible to not complete the 5 days training, in just 1 or 2 days you can be out of the training and you dont even know how they evaluate it since you have just started the training and you are just adjusting to the work flow. Considering that if didnt pass you will be paid per valid domains only, so if you work for 1 day only and you finish a few and not valid domains so maybe you didnt get any payment at all.
  • @grimreaper2015 they tell that the process for backpay is 2-3weeks? so do you get your backpay by now?
  • @prettygirl11, i got it but sobrang tagal. 2 months ata bago naibigay. TAPOS KULANG PA NG 500PHP. imagine??? email kami nh email d kami pnapansin. they might not be bogus sa overall part PERO BOGUS SILA SA PART NG PAGBIGAY NG TRAINING PAY. KURIPOT NA COMPANY. AT SCAM NA MAITUTURING lalo pa di kami nireplyan tnatanong namin bakit kulang yung bngay na training pay e almost 2 months ang hinintay. bakit di makareply? yun ang tanong eh! SCAM! MAGALING!!!

    tap0s may mga friends din ako nagtry. pero kahit pasado yung bilis at accuracy nila (sgurado ako kc binase ko lang sa mga standards nila sa performance ng friends ko), di pa rin sila natanggap. so ang lumalabas nyan, ginagatasan lang nila mga trainees nila kasi d naman sila obligado magbayad agad. so meaning, less chance makapasa ka kasi magiging liability ka nila every month bigyan ng sweldo. gnagawa lang nila katawa tawa mga trainees sa mga pnagagagagawa nila.

    kung ako sa inyo wag na kayo magtry dito. sayang lang panahon nyo. ttry ko gmawa ng blogg para mainform pa yung mga iba.
  • @sakura_blue we require all staff to have DSL or other wired connection. Wireless/LTE/3G is not reliable enough for the work we do. During peak times the congestion on those connections is very high and researchers on those connections have had a lot of trouble keeping up. You can attend training on a wireless connection but if you get a regular role you will need to upgrade to wired.

    @prettygirl11 we evaluate all trainee output multiple times each day. We do make it clear in advance that very few candidates pass the training so to make sure to give your best effort. 96% of trainees do not pass the full 5 day training. If trainees are below the pass mark on day 1 or 2 we stop the training. After running hundreds of candidates through our training process we have found it is best to let people know early if they are not a good fit for this role as early as possible.

    @grimreaper2015 obviously you are upset you did not pass training. If you would like to reapply and have another go you are welcome to do so. Training pay is based on the number of accurate tasks completed. aTasks which are incorrectly completed are removed from the final training pay calculation. We go to great lengths to identify any trainees that are suitable for promotion into our regular team. The cost of tasks completed by trainees is significantly higher than what our regular team costs as the trainees are still learning so understandably take much longer to do each task and have more errors. If any of your friends think their speed and accuracy was acceptable but they were not offered a promotion please ask them to email our training manager. We are rapidly scaling our team so if we have missed any potential hires then we would want to rectify that.

    We have very low staff turnover in our regular team as we put a lot of effort into identify candidates that enjoy doing the work we do. It is certainly not the type of role that is suited to every candidate so not passing out training is no reflection on your abilities. Accurate data research requires very different skills from voice support or lead generation.

    A number of our regular team are trainees that passed on the second time around after they took the skills they learned from the first training round and practiced.
  • Nag-apply ako sa company na to. At nakapagtraining hanggang day 3. Pero I didn't make it hanggang final pero atleast nakuha ko na yung backpay training ko. THANK YOU!
  • Hi are you still hiring? I'm tired of working in a call center and I've been looking for a legit homebase job.
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