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HUNGHUNKS: Sagot ng S.O.P.

Apostle the comeback kid
Did you see SOP last Sunday? They have an answer to ASAP's hunks - the HUNG-HUNKS! With Brad Pitt and a company of extras no less! Ang papayat nila tapos naghubaran pa!


  • yuck talga!!!! kahit naundun c long... ang corny pa rin ng GMA... la pa rin silang panama sa ASAP... iba tlagaand the hunks!!!:rolleyes: :
  • cathybee
    cathybee Make It Work!
  • martyr
    martyr In my own way ..
    Hunghunks! is the bomb!

    lalo na si Long at Brod Pete! ;)
  • What can u say about hung hunks? Well, isa pang kabaduyan...:throwup: Cno ba ung maliit dun? Walang k!!!:bigvomit:

  • as in grabe..........i could not imagine how SOP has created such a cheap and baduy group for their show !!!!!!!!! is it to compete with The Hunks? well, sorry for that Hung Hunks(????????) dahil ang cheap nila...........grabe.......they always get into my nerves when i unintentionaly switched to Sop to watch Regine, Jaya and LAni!
  • cloak&dagger
    cloak&dagger sometimes, i bleed
    another pathetic attemp by a pathetic tv station to be pathetically funny. :grrr:
  • sino ang mas malakas ang dating...hunghunks ng gma7 o the hunks ng abscbn.:D
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