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To the Moon

This has been around for ages but I just recently heard the great reviews for the game. So last night, I went to Steam, downloaded and played. I was pleasantly surprised! For me it has by far the most well written game story in recent years. I really don't mind the 16 bit visuals or the minimal game elements because To the Moon is so emotionally engaging. It is inspiring, heart breaking and heart warming all at the same time.

Playing the game's 4 hour run was one of the rare times I had manly eye sweats.


  • Agree!!
    Best story from a video game I've played this gen

    I've played some good ones like 999, Ghost Trick, Analogue Hate Story, Digital Love Story, Yakuza games, Ever 17
    there are great interactive ones from Witcher, Fallout NV, Walking Dead, Alpha Protocol, Mass Effect

    but To the Moon tops them *okay*

    I played it twice,
    the second time was with my GF (who doesn't like video games) watching,
    and even she got teary-eyed in moments

    we'll never forget the game's "message" :)
  • st.angerst.anger PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    A friend made the same claim about this game. Too bad I missed the Steam sale :(
  • Played it once. I give it 10/10 storywise. Di tulad ng mga sobrang "graphic-fied" latest games na walang kalatoy-latoy ang istorya. Ganitong mga laro *** hinahanap ko may "content".
  • Downloading. Thank you for sharing. Can't wait to play it. :)
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