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Batman: Arkham Origins (prequel to Arkham Asylum and Arkham City)

Checked it on IGN. They already have a release date for the game. But it won't be Rocksteady Studios who will man the game but Warner Bros. Games Montreal.

They also said that even though Rocksteady Studios will not be the game's developer, it will also be the same style since they endorsed it to WB Games Montreal.

Warner Bros. has announced the next title in the Batman: Arkham franchise will be Batman: Arkham Origins, currently in development for the PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

It's currently slated for release on October 25 this year, but there's no mention of the game appearing on next-gen consoles.

The game, which is the subject of Game Informer's latest cover, will not be developed by Rocksteady Studios this time around, instead being worked on in-house at Warner Bros. Games Montreal.

The new development team will be using many of the assets that Rocksteady has used in the past, including its customised Unreal engine so as to try and avoid any discrepancies in the aesthetic of the franchise. Eric Holmes, lead designer of games including The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction and Prototype, is heading up the project.

The game will apparently take place long before both of the existing Arkham titles, when a young and inexperienced Batman will encounter many familiar villains for the first time. As can be seen in the Game Informer imagery, the assassin Deathstroke will be one such foe, making his core Arkham game debut.

Alongside the console game though, Warner Bros. has also announced a handheld title, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate. The game, which will be released on PS Vita and 3DS again on October 25, is set after the events of Arkham Origins and is being developed by Armature Studio, the company that was founded by several of the brains behind the Metroid Prime trilogy. With this in mind, it's not too surprising to find it described as a "2.5-D Metroid-style exploration action game".



  • Here are some updates:

    Assassinating Batman in Arkham Origins
    It's not Year One, but it's close.

    Whether in movies, television, comics or video games, when Batman needs a change of pace, creative teams tend to lean towards the iconic hero's formative years. That's precisely the case with Batman: Arkham Origins, just announced this morning for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U and PC. Since the game's reveal, Game Informer's cover story has gone live, providing us with some critical new details in the next Batman adventure, due out October 25.

    As previously noted, the Dark Knight will face eight assassins, including fan favorite Deathstroke, who have journeyed to Arkham City to kill him. We now know that Black Mask is responsible for putting a bounty on Batman's head, though exactly why will be a key mystery in the game's story. Also playing into the plot - Gotham City's acclimation to its rookie protector. Players will not only see a much more skeptical and potentially hostile Gotham City Police Department (aka the 'GCPD', which happens to feature a young Captain Jim Gordon), but younger and healthier versions of big bad guys like the Penguin - who apparently didn't always have the tail end of a glass bottle shoved in one eye.

    Arkham Origins will feature similar gameplay to its predecessors, as new developer WB Montreal is very much intent on picking up where Rocksteady left off. That means perch-to-perch movement, gliding kicks and 'free-form combat' are all back. While the Montreal studio was free to develop its plot and new feature (like a 'Remote Claw', which allows you to target and pull two objects together), it leaned on Rocksteady for advice on technical and mechanical elements of the game.

    Another new feature - quick travel via the airborne Batwing. Though not a controllable vehicle, Arkham Origins will finally eliminate one of the more tedious elements from Asylum and City, allowing Batman to move from point to point much faster than before - - provided he dismantles towers that jam his ability to call in his plane. (Unlike, say, Far Cry 3, these tower sequences will require a wide variety of skills and powers, including some that will have to be unlocked first.) It's a good thing Montreal is providing the Dark Knight with a quick method of transport - WB Montreal contends that Origins is nearly twice the size of Arkham City, adding an entirely new island, called 'New Gotham', to build upon the more familiar 'Old Gotham', which will still feature familiar locations like Amusement Mile and The Bowery.

    The Montreal team intends to maintain the same world "density" despite doubling its size, adding ideas like 'Crime in Progress' (assist the GCPD and build your reputation) and 'Most Wanted' (track down non-assassin villains). In many cases these side quests will provide the upgrades to Batman's arsenal. These upgrades, combined with the game's existing XP system, funnel into the larger concept of the 'Dark Knight' system, which is basically the team's way of progressively adding more complexity and difficulty to Origins.

    Origins will also put more emphasis on Batman's detective skills. Cases large and small will serve as a slower change of pace from action, allowing players to investigate crime scenes, gather evidence, analyze data and even return to those scenes with more information later in the game. Over time, as each case is solved, a full video narrative of the case will unlock, piecing together the crime.
  • Rocksteady Endorses Batman: Arkham Origins Team
    "Rocksteady is excited to see WB Games Montreal developing the prequel."

    Rocksteady Studios has voiced its support for Warner Bros. Games Montreal, the studio tasked with creating the next game in the Arkham franchise.

    When Batman: Arkham Origins was announced yesterday, one of the things that perturbed many gamers was the fact that Rocksteady Studios, the team responsible for previous games Arkham Asylum and Arkham City, wouldn't be returning to the project.

    Sefton Hill, director of the first two games, has told Game Informer (via CVG) that he's confident passing the torch was the right move, and fans won't be disappointed.

    "Rocksteady is excited to see WB Games Montreal developing the prequel to the Batman Arkham franchise," he said. "We are confident this talented team will craft a fantastic experience, bringing the origins of the Arkhamverse to life."

    The man who's stepped into Hill's shoes for Origins, Eric Holmes, also added that a game set earlier in Batman's crimefighting escapades allows the studio greater freedom to revitalise familiar characters and gameplay tropes.

    "It gives us the opportunity to refresh things a bit. Refresh characters, refresh ideas, refresh the dynamic between Batman and other characters, and refresh the world, too," he said. "Batman hasn't become the character that we know and are very familiar with."

    It was announced yesterday that Batman: Arkham Origins is being developed for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Wii U with a targeted release date of October 25. On the same day a companion game, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate, will be released on 3DS and Vita.

    If you want to know more about the latest Batman game, be sure to check out our analysis of the Game Informer article in which fast travel, plot details, gameplay details and much more have been revealed.
  • Here's the cover courtesy of Game Informer, the one who first released the information about the game.

  • I wonder if The Joker will be in the game. If he's there, who will be his voice actor?

    Mark Hamill already said that Arkham City will be the last time he will voice The Joker.

    I hope Kevin Conroy returns as Batman. He really fits.
  • F-A SoldierF-A Soldier PEx Rookie ⭐
    He really does fit, because he's the original voice of best animated series and Batman universe (which is one of the first to include 'Arkham' and dark gritty we know Batman now)---the Batman that this generation of gamers know.

    The fact that 'Warner Brothers' is also the same company that made the animated series (which created characters Harlequin, revamped lesser known characters to the way they look now, like Mr. Freeze and Clay Face)...it definitely should be an honor for the series. (Not that the same guys would be doing the game itself :glee:)

    What I wish this time is there should be more 'civilians' and NPC's than before. I think they got away with it in the last two because the premise and setting was "walled off baddie paradise".

    I wish there's a cameo of the animated series' "The Gray Ghost",

    Adam West
  • Yes, I'm a big Batman fan and that animated series is the best series that I've seen in terms of animation. I even recorded each episode in my Grandpa's Betamax before and yes I still have that copy and converted it to DVD five years ago so I can watch it again. What's also good in the Arkham Series is that Paul Dini was the writer, which also led the crew for the Animated Series.

    Adam West, the one who portrayed Batman in that classic series which included every Zap! Crunch! Kapow! everytime Batman and Robin punches or kicks a goon. lol.

    I think in this upcoming game, we'll see more of Bruce Wayne's early years as the Dark Knight. Yes I agree that they should make it "Gotham City" and rescue civilians as well. I checked an article that Batman can use the Batwing for transportation in this game so he can reach a destination quickly compared to just using Grapple in Arkham City. Using the Batmobile would be nice too!

    I also agree on putting The Gray Ghost in this game. That would be nice as well.
  • F-A SoldierF-A Soldier PEx Rookie ⭐
    The "Gray Ghost" was in the first season of the animated series. It's a throwback to the pioneers that made 'Batman': voiced by Adam West and alluding to an earlier hero/TV icon (ala Adam West's Batman) which I think the DVD commentary talked about as based on the DC/Detective Comics The Shadow. I'm not sure if it's the last episode of Season One, but I'm certain it's toward the end.

    The episode seem to suggest that Bruce Wayne gained his idea of being a superhero from watching that show.

    Other animated series characters I wish would make a cameo: that robot I forgot what it's called, The Ventriloquist (Scarface did a cameo on one of the games), Zeus, Red Claw and Rupert Thorne.

    Being Warner Bros. I hope they'd borrow more from the animated series,

    Detective Harvey Bullock
  • Being Warner Bros. I hope they'd borrow more from the animated series,

    Detective Harvey Bullock

    I would love to have him included in the game. He has this hatred for Batman but when the New 52 series came up, he's one of Batman's trusted cops. He also serves as Commissioner Gordon's right hand now.
  • Updates:

    Joker will be in Arkham Origins.

    Joining the clown prince of crime will be Penguin, Killer Croc, Deathstroke, Deadshot, Scarecrow, Bane and main antagonist Black Mask.

    Mob boss Sal Maroni will be in the game as well.

    The setting will be Christmas' Eve and Black Mask hired 8 assassins to kill the Bat. Those hired men are the characters mentioned above.
  • here are some image samples of the game courtesy of GameInformer.







  • new screenshots released. it looks good so far!










    Batman's suit has been updated as well. They are using the Dark Knight's recent suit in the New 52 series.

  • Kevin Conroy won't reprise his role. Warner Bros decided to go with a new voice talent to fit the "younger vision" of the Caped Crusader.

  • Collector's Edition of the game confirmed for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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