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The Kingdom Vol I, FREE (04-14/04-18)

The Kingdom Vol 1: Plague Survival, now FREE on Amazon Kindle between April 14th – April 18th

The Kingdom Trilogy will be focusing on revealing the most advanced levels of being at a bodily level, earthly level and finally a spiritual level. In The Kingdom Vol 1: Plague Survival we will be looking at the most advanced healing techniques known to man. These involve electromedicine, photon therapy, ozone, sound healing and much more!

This is available for free download on the Amazon Kindle, but can also be viewed through the amazon kindle viewer software if you do not have a kindle.

The time has come for mankind to awaken to greatest modes of healing, and do away with the medical procedures that are ineffective, damaging, vibrational altering and needless to say overpriced. We are now living in a time of self empowerment, with this it becomes apparent that we now have the tools and knowledge necessary to take our health and well being into our own hands no longer relying on others to make us better.

Come and join the revolution of health and higher consciousness today!

Download your free copy here at Amazon "The Kingdom Vol 1"
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