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VERSUS: Dingdong vs Piolo - Who is the hotter hunk?


Ang init ngayong summer! Pero sino kay Dingdong or Piolo ang mas nagpapainit ng inyong summer?

Who is the hotter hunk?

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  • __David____David__ Crying, crying, crying PExer
    Kapuso ako pero I think Piolo is hotter :love:
  • kcinmorkcinmor "simpleguy" ✭✭✭
    sa kabila ng mga binabatong issues sa kanya...

    malakas parin ang dating ni Piolo Pascual...

    Ill Go for PIOLO PASCUAL "the ultimate heartthrob"
  • sino_etech4sino_etech4 Member PExer
    Piolo Pascual.
  • thethunderer01thethunderer01 Member PExer
    I'm Kapamilya from birth pero I honestly think that Piolo is really gay. Ang galing lang talaga ng damage control ng Star Magic, moving heaven and earth.
    So it's DD for me.
  • saphiresaphire Member PExer
    definitely piolo! para syang wine, he gets hotter as he aged
  • __David____David__ Crying, crying, crying PExer
    Piolo is sizzling hot in these pics :naughty2:





  • _Dy0sa_Kirara__Dy0sa_Kirara_ Madam Claudia ✭✭✭✭✭
    Rubennn!!!!!!!!!!!!! :drool: nakakaloka! beki or not!! Papa P is fiery hot!!!! :naughty2:

    Nakura wrote: »

    Ang init ngayong summer! Pero sino kay Dingdong or Piolo ang mas nagpapainit ng inyong summer?

    Regardless po sa mga issues na hanggang ngayon ay pinipilit sa pagsira kay PIOLO PASCUAL. . .siya talaga kahit saan daanin !!!

    Imagine-nin na lang natin kung never na may ganitong panira sa kanya. . .di mas sobra-sobra pa ang WIN niya sa iba!

    Philippine Entertainment Industry, will never be the same without PIOLO PASCUAL!
  • DYveniceDYvenice Member PExer
    I'll vote for DINGDONG DANTES! <3 .. He's definitely one of the Hottests and for me he's hottest than Piolo. :D
  • FeistyMommaFeistyMomma I &#9829; SHOES :) PExer
    Dingdong Dantes :)
  • ghinahkghinahk Member PExer
    I'll vote for DINGDONG DANTES *okay*
  • angel65eyezangel65eyez Gelai CPA #122 PExer
    NO question about it - si PIOLO PASCUAL ofcourse *okay*
  • 3_OH_083_OH_08 Member PExer
    PIOLO PASCUAL syempre at wala nang iba.

  • byj_29byj_29 ILoveQueenMarian PExer
    dong :love:
  • kadyanskadyans Member PExer
    Dingdong Dantes. :D
  • Cute si Papa P, but his hunk days are over. Dingdong Dantes is definitely the hunkier out of the two.
  • andycmrandycmr Member PExer
    Dingdong... Mas hot pa sa salitang hot! :love:
  • casm22casm22 Member PExer
    Dingdong Dantes :)
  • PiolosAngelPiolosAngel Member PExer
    Piolo the superHUNKstar *okay*


    rest my case :D:D:D
  • msmaverick09msmaverick09 Member PExer
    dingdong dantes :)

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