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Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising (Android)

RaxusRaxus PEx Rookie ⭐
Anyone playing this?

It's exclusive to some countries but I managed to download one with VPN and google play trick.

It's Ragnarok on a mobile phone. It's good for phones with screen sizes more than 4" though.

I'm playing using my Galaxy Note 2 and it's been great.


  • gs09gs09 Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    I have this. Very limited 'yung classes (swordsman, acolyte, and mage pa lang) and parang weak 'yung monsters. But so far so good naman. More characters in the next updates na lang.
  • RO was the very first MMORPG that I played back in 2003. Nakakamiss lang. The good old days. And now its on a mobile phone na! How nc.:)
  • Ano server nyo? Valhalla ako.
  • ChenesKayoChenesKayo PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Grabe nanliliit ako sa screen ko kase 3.5" lang yung screen ng phone ko, kakaloka. Haha~

    Pero tanong ko lang bakit puro lalake lang yung character na pwede i-create sa android app? Di ako makagawa ng babaeng character...
  • I'm playing this on my Xperia J, Poring server. Hindi ka pwedeng magpalit ng gender ng character kasi nakafix na yung gender sa kung anong job yung pinili mo. Kung gusto mo ng babae na character, mag acolyte ka or thief. Kung lalaki, swordsman or mage.
  • I have also RO: Valkyrie installed on my 7'' ASUS tab, Unfortunately there's an error about their server. Every time I try to connect to play it automatically resets to main menu and there's a warning it says "Connection expired".. :p

    Btw I'm just playing this as a GUEST, I don't want to link this sh!tty game on my FB account, it might ruin my privacy (I don't know, I just.. I don't trust this software)..

    If they can't fixed their server issue of the game, how can they assure the privacy of their gamers linked to SNS site like FB??. hmm

    Right now, as of this writing, now that you revived this dead thread, I had already removed the game on my Tablet. :p
  • noon3noon3 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    is it still good ?
  • noon3 wrote: »
    is it still good ?

    No.................... Even if you have fast internet, the server of this game will kick you out of the game randomly with annoying message that says "Connection expired". Hahaha
  • foxhound_23foxhound_23 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    okay naman sakin meron akong lvl 47 na knight... overpriced nga lang mga items umaabot halos ng 60 to 70 million... ang trading naman sa labas ng items and accounts, libo ang usapan... may mga nagbebenta din ng ruby (for non credit card users) and zeny starting at 30php/1m...

    enjoy just always do main quests to level up fast... and the most important thing in thi game is the party system because there are some quests that will force you (due to the difficulty of some quests) to party with other players to complete..

    sali nyo ko sa guild mahina lang knight ko weak equips lol
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