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Todo Kilig with It Takes a Man and a Woman!

NakuraNakura Moderator ✭✭


  • maricris68maricris68 Member PExer
    Iba talaga sina Laida at Miggy! Parang nasa premiere night lang ang peg ng moviegoers... Tawa, iyak, kilig, tawa, kilig, kilig to the nth power! :love:

    Isang group power hug sa lahat! :love:
  • HappeeAHappeeA Member PExer
    wow thanks po sa another thread:D
  • roserickzroserickz Queen Sarah Gee PExer
    congrats sa itamaaw :cheers:
  • raider29raider29 Member PExer
    waaaah , may bagong thread para sa itamaaw. *okay*

    iba talaga ang powers ni Sarah & John Lloyd :handsdown:

    all the powers that be must be a huge fan of these two...kaya let us all play our part para makasama tayo sa record breaking history nang movie na ito :bop:
  • IkinzIkinz ~il est pr?destin? ~ PExer
    Wohooooo! May ganito?? havey! nakakatuwa talaga ang lakas ng movie nato. Grateful to be part of the Laida-Miggy Journey! :love:

    First Filipino film to be shown in Kuwait din daw ang movie nato. Searching for more confirmation. To God be the Glory! :cheers:

    The power 4! :rocker:
  • sqloudanesqloudane Member ✭✭✭
    andito ba ang Sarah G. pin???:glee:
  • ABERABER Member ✭✭✭
    Riot ang zoila na friends, Suplaida magtalas n Miggy Mondemonyo... hahahaha.. Trustworthy big word este big bird hahahahaha........

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