John Lloyd Vs. Coco Martin

WadoinksWadoinks Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
Sino ba sa kanila ang pinaka magaling na aktor ng henerasyong ito? Si John Lloyd parang Male version ni Vilma. Si Coco naman ang Nora Aunor male version.


  • bigtasabigtasa Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Syempre si John LLoyd. mas madami ng napatunayan si Lloydie both in movies and television. Plus he's a very versatile actor. Sya ang MILLION DOLLAR BABY ng Star Cinema.
  • angblancangblanc Member PExer
    John lloyd is the better actor, he is in a league of his own in giving sensitive, angst ridden portrayals of flawed leading man roles. Coco Martin though is the more versatile actor as he was given the opportunity to be directed by indie filmakers.
  • sspideysspidey PExer
    JLC has been around longer and has had a lot more movies that he portrayed many roles that is why it looks like he is better but IMO Coco Martin is a better actor than him, and I dont even like Coco
  • renz7renz7 Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    the best
  • usttigersharkusttigershark Member PExer
    John Llyod.

    Mas control umarte si JLC at hindi ko pa siya nakikitaan ng mannerisms sa mga roles na ginagampanan niya.
  • usttigersharkusttigershark Member PExer
    sspidey wrote: »
    JLC has been around longer and has had a lot more movies that he portrayed many roles that is why it looks like he is better but IMO Coco Martin is a better actor than him, and I dont even like Coco

    I think nauna lang ng ilang taon si JLC kay Coco. Dahil 2005 pa lang may mga nagawa ng project si coco na films.
    Pero magkaiba lang sila ng tinahak na mas nauna si coco sa indie films bago naging mainstream.

    Magaling si coco pero pinaka gusto ko siya sa TD after that nagsawa ako dahil most of his role eh same yung pinupunthan. D ko pa napapanood yung Sta. Nina pero sabi mas control daw siya doon at wala yung mga mannerisms niya na nangigili kapag galit.
  • HP_HG_addictHP_HG_addict Oops.. Hi! PExer
    John Lloyd. Kahit kanino i-pair, he pulls it off. He's every girl's dream leading man. Kahit mga taga-GMA, pinapangarap na makateam up sya. And he IS a box office king.. He doesn't have to prove anything anymore. Kahit anong movie nya, pinipilahan ng mga tao. Shall we say he's the king of romantic-comedy movies? Yes. His acting is also proven flawless. He has won awards. I think ABS CBN should give him other movies where he is an actor on his own, where he can showcase his talent, one where he doesn't need a leading lady. Basta John Lloyd, ladies will go and watch anyway. And just an observation, men are also easily bullied to watch the movie with their girlfriends kapag John Lloyd ang movie :) I think even men have a certain degree of respect sakanya.

    Also, more than a decade and still strong? He is a cash cow. I like Coco Martin too, he deserves where he is now.

    So in the end, I think it's inappropriate to compare the two of them. John Lloyd IS John Lloyd. Making one choose between the two of them is like "asking the incredible hulk to open a pickle jar."
  • kryzlkryzl Stop being wrong tonight. PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    John Lloyd. Best actor of his generation... and I don't have the historical data to back this up but I might even say the best ever. Sobrang natural lang niya umarte. Parang hindi naarte.

    Coco acts well, but sometimes... kita mong naarte nga lang.
  • irresistiblestarirresistiblestar Member PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Comparison: JLC is the method actor, while Coco is the non-method actor.

    JLC got the eyes, parang Nora style of acting plus method actor siya so ang realistic ng dating.

    Coco has the intensity although dinadaan niya ang acting niya sa eyes, it's less expressive than JLC but mas commanding, parang Vilma more on actions, facials and strain.

    JLC is the better actor for me, versatility wise din.
  • baby_dannybaby_danny huh? what? PExer
    JLC is JLC :)

    pero si coco magmamarka din yan!
  • angelgirl2angelgirl2 My name is Berns. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Big fan of JLC! He is a great actor!

    Coco is also good but I just think JLC is the better actor.
  • GoshAbelgoshGoshAbelgosh Member PExer
    John Lloyd Cruz.

    It's not even close.
  • soytinfinitysoytinfinity Member PExer
    John Lloyd Cruz din for me, though mas sobrang daring and challenging ang mga roles na napunta kay Coco via indie films

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