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car warranty void

what would it take for a car manufacturer to void the 3 year warranty? if you have an oil change outside the casa does that automatically void warranty? how about have the oil change in the casa but have parts replaced somewhere else. i mean will the casa peeps flag your vehicle even if the parts you used are original, the only differnce is you bought the parts outside and had them install it. any thoughts on this guys?


  • usually kung ano pinagawa mo sa labas yun ang void.

    example nagpa change oil ka sa labas, engine warranty mo void, pero suspension mo di pa.
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  • shun_sakurai
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    It really depends on the service department of the car maker. Locally Honda is notorious for being extra picky on this. One of their tactics is to paint over bolts or adjacent surfaces that will come apart during servicing, such as the drain bolt on your oil pan. If the paint breaks this is proof that you've had something done to the car that didn't pass through their mechanics' hands.
  • jason_10
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    Read your warranty booklet/manual. Sometimes conflicting ang policies nila with regards to the dealer's policy.
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