late menstruation, pregnant or not?

ganito po yun me and my boyfriend had an unprotected intimate moment last feb.20, we used the withdrawal although we know hindi xah safe but weve been doing this for some time na. ngayun my last mens was 1st week of feb. im not sure sa exact date pero sure ako 1st week yun, and i have a regular mens, so suppose this 1st week sa march ang expected ko kaso march. 21 na wala parin, ive never had a late mens its always on time. we are not ready to have a baby yet although were in the right age na, im not having early morning sickness, and wala rin spotting during that span of time but im having cramps, sometimes mild then one time masakit **** xah, *** klase ng cramps pag parating na *** mens although hindi xah araw2 minsan meron tas bukas wala tas the next day meron na naman, tas may yellowish discharge ako. im to scared to take pregnancy test kasi eh, tanung ko lang possible ba na buntis ako?


  • iceannemiceannem Member PExer
    hello.. nabuntis ako nun wen i was 21, pareho tayo regular *** mens ko, nun takot ako kasi 1week of the month *** visit ko eh, na worry na ako nung after 2weeks na *** pa *** mens so i took pregtest.. sakin lang advice ko ***, mgpa pregtest kna *** malaman mo asap *** maalagaan mi nang maaga *** baby mo.. i have cramps in few weeks then nahihilo.. its better pag nagpa pregtest ka
  • iceannemiceannem Member PExer
    nagka yellow discharge din ako nun..

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