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Do ladies (especially Filipinas) love military guys?

Ladies, I was wonderin' if you're into military guys?

I'm a 22 year old Filipino Norwegian serving in the US Army 1st SFOD (Delta). We're currently based here in Clark, Pampanga. I can speak Tagalog. If you've seen that movie "Dear John" whose based on a special forces operator played by Channing Tatum, then I'm that guy. I was just wonderin if you're into a bad-*** type soldier. I parachute, shoot and I blow stuff up. Don't wanna sound intimidating, because I uh actually am kind of a sensitive guy.

Anyway so I met this unbelievably beautiful Filipina colegiala (DLSU?) through Facebook and I just asked her out on a date yesterday. How do I impress her (being a Filipina with values and all)? She's a little slutty, but kind of shy. How do I make "ligaw" because I'm really attracted to her? Courting is not my strong suit 'cause I usually get what I want, but this girl is special. Help me, my fellow Filipinos and Filipinas? Thanks y'all.


  • physically i dig military men but i don't like getting married with one. i don't like living nervous all the time. :)
  • balbolskibalbolski PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    si hubby di naman military? pero nininerbyos ka sa mga kwento :lol:
  • ^^lol!! nerbyos? di naman! inis at diri OO! :p
  • Some do and some don't. You can't really stereotype girls, or Filipinas, into liking one archetype. As for courting this girl, I can probably throw some stuff out. Talk a lot. Learn her likes and hobbies, and if it's okay with her, ask her out so you can both do it together. Slutty? What did she do or show you for you to classify her as slutty?
  • It is funny how you describe yourself as Channing, I can't think of any military guy who would describe a character in Dear John and use the word Colegiala, it is not applicable to DLSU students it is used for students in all girls schools or those with uniforms. But assuming this s all true I wonder what happened to your date, men in uniform are always hot, it is up to you how you present yourself when you are not wearing it anymore.
  • Military is phrone to girls, but most in GRO's, fishing for a decent one isn't easy.
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