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Do you have high standard when you judge the looks or beauty of a celebrity?

jeganrrjeganrr PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
On what standard do you judge the beauty of a celebrity? When you say that a celebrity or a movie star is not good looking, do you compare that celebrity to other celebrities? Does that mean that his not only good looking compared to other celebrites or movie stars but still good looking compared to an average person walking on the streets?

For example, My dad said, I am a good looking person! But when he saw Robert Pattinson on tv, He said that, "Robert Pattinson is not good looking!'' So asked him, Since you said, '' I am good looking'' and you said Robert Pattinson is not good looking, does that mean I am more good looking than Robert Pattinson? He said, No! That is only relative, what my Dad meant is Robert Pattinson is not good looking compared to George Clooney and other actors that are admired but still He is more good looking than me.So I think what He meant is since Robert Pattinson is an actor or a celebrity he has a much higher standard than me. That means I am only good looking compared to my relatives or an average person but still not good looking compared with celebrity standards.

So do you have higher standard when judge the beauty or a celebrity?


  • jeganrrjeganrr PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    So do you have a higher standard when you judge the beauty of a celebrity or actor,actress? Sorry I made a mistake on the last question that is why I repeated the question.
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