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DLSU Lady Spikers Thread IV

Welcome to the new house/thread of the Back-to-Back-to-Back Champions, the DLSU Lady Spikers! Let's continue the BLOCK Parties! :D

Remember that WE ARE ONE! We have ONE GOAL. We are ONE TEAM. We are ONE LA SALLE!

Animo La Salle!


  • franzmikeefranzmikee Member PExer
    This is suppose to be the 3rd one right?
  • _Bahay_Kubo__Bahay_Kubo_ Banned by Admin PExer
    love the significance of "IV" on the thread title, animo24. :naughty:;)
  • b1990b1990 Proud La Sallian. PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Kuya, thread four agad. Agad-agad? LOL. KIdding.

    Anyway, congratulations to my beloved ladies of Taft. You've hurdled against the odds and eventually won the three-peat for the school. Emmm zooo proud of you!

    Thank you to Wensh, Liss and Mich (if she can't be convinced to stay) for sharing your talent to the team. May God bless you on your future endeavors.

    Feels proud to be a La sallian. ANIMO LA SALLE! :)
  • lakergirl24lakergirl24 Work HARD , Stay HUMBLE PExer
    wootwoot new house for Lasalle fans :)
    and this is actually correct, pang 4th thread na to :) in time for Lasalle's 4peat run next season ahahaha jk Let's celebrate and party hard for our 3peat Champs
  • franzmikeefranzmikee Member PExer
    Sorry I stand corrected, si Ato pala yung creator ng Thread one. Yeah it's fitting for the Lady Spikers since they are gunning for 4-Peat. But, hey savor muna natin yung 3-Peat!
  • WZUPDOCWZUPDOC Wascally Wabbit PExer
    YUP YUP YUP this is the actually the 4th thread there was a mistake in the thread 2.

    New house for the 3 peat UAAP champions!

    AN1MO LA SALLE!!!!

  • fordmo47fordmo47 Member PEx Rookie ⭐
    Speaking of going for four-peat, sino pa besides Aby, Michelle (kung sakaling maglaro ng 5th year), and Mika ang going for four straight titles? Pag nagtuloy si Mika at kung sino mang ka-batch niya, sila ang unang makaka 5 straight kung sakali sa mga active ngayon. Congratulations to the Lady Spikers. Best of luck to Liss Gohing (4 UAAP championships, 5 straight Finals appearances).
  • _Bahay_Kubo__Bahay_Kubo_ Banned by Admin PExer
    in Ramil, we trust! :)

  • DetectiveDetective Member PExer
    THREE-mendous trivia:

    -for the Third time in a row LS bagged the MVP Award:

    Season 73-Jacq Alarca
    Season 74-Abigail Mara?o
    Season 75-Abigail Mara?o & Ara Galang

    -During the last game of the Finals, LS sweep their enemy 3 Straight Sets!

    Season 73 (Game 2)-UST
    Season 74 (Game 2)-ADMU
    Season 75 (Game 3)-ADMU

    -and of course for the second time, LS was crowned as the THREE-Peat Champions of UAAP Women's Volleyball Tournament

    Congrats Ladies!!!Party party na this Sat! :rocker:
  • ccy22ccy22 Member PExer
    aheeeem. walkout nanaman si coach roger
  • ponkenponken Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    this article from yahoo confirms Michele's exit :mecry: :depressed:
    It was Gohing’s downpour of tears that was another defining image of the aftermath as—by tradition—the DLSU players did their victorious “archer” pose and the ultra-senior’s sobs transcended the moment. It was her final game in a La Salle jersey and she is the only member of the team that had experienced being in the finals five straight seasons. Although Gohing will be joined by La Salle Dasmariñas transferee Wensh Tiu (who has no more eligibility) and Gumabao (who will forgo her final year of eligibility) as the members of the squad that will no longer be back next season, the volleyball court was Gohing’s home for half a decade, and her teammates became her sisters while Head Coach Ramil de Jesus served as a surrogate father. She was the only member of the team to receive a bouquet of flowers during the final bow—a tribute to one of the most unsung heroes of the team and one whose legacy as the ONLY FOUR-TIME CHAMPION in La Salle volleyball history might just be enough reason for the school to consider retiring her jersey. That, of course, is just a submitted suggestion by this writer.
  • khamylekhamyle Member PExer
    Patapak sa bagong mansion mga champions!! :rotflmao: wohoooooo tara na sa eagle ridge sa march! Sugod sa cavite! :rotflmao::rotflmao:
  • ylle45ylle45 Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    natapat pa sa championship ang pagtapos ng thread 3*okay*

  • warypawnwarypawn Member PExer
    Thank you to the DLSU Lady Spikers!!! It is an honor to have all of you on our side! :-) Aby, Michele, Kim, Liss, Wensh, ARA, Mika R, Mika E, Cyd, Den, Carol, Cienne, Roch, and Justine. THANK YOU! MWAH!
    Good job to the coaching staff, Coach Ramil, Coach Chie, Coach Noel, and the support staff, Myka and others! Thank you!
  • khamylekhamyle Member PExer

  • warypawnwarypawn Member PExer
    Sir prokopyo, we are awaiting for your insights, post game/season analysis, or anything to cap off this successful season. :-)
  • CognoscentiCognoscenti LOLCAT PExer
    Yay new thread! *okay*

    Congratulations sa three-peat! :love: Ang bittersweet nung last point. :) :~(
  • greenboy3greenboy3 Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    wow new Thread, congratulations again to the DLSU Lady Spikers, may your domination continues :)
  • Ahura MazdaAhura Mazda Member PEx Expert 🎖️
    Thread IV. Nice one, animo24! :glee:
  • ylle45ylle45 Member PEx Icon 🎖️🎖️🎖️
    and buti lady spikers ang nagbigay sa MOA arena ng unang championship event sa venue.:D

    UAAP, NCAA basketball and PBA hindi nagawa yan:D

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