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Beer Goes Directly to Belly Fat

While it’s true that beer provides “empty calories,” that is, calories that are not beneficial in terms of the other nutrients and vitamins or minerals that they provide, it’s not entirely true that beer will contribute directly to belly fat. A beer belly can come about for someone who does not drink alcohol at all. The bigger issue to understand is that it’s the excess calories that help to create the beer belly, not the fact that it’s beer alone. However, because many people do not consider the calories that they consume in beer, it’s possible to have a beer drinker who ingests more calories than she should, even though her diet is otherwise quite healthy.
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  • A bottle of your average beer ahs 110-140 calories.. Imagine consuming 8 beers thats 1k calories. then include pulutan.. thats about your whole caloric requirement :) So it does not directly go to your belly but is a big contributory factor..
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