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Is education plan still reliable?

Tuition fees are getting higher and higher right imagine how much is education by then when our child reaches 2020. i have seen this company with many benefits and they are the only one with a graduation gift really great,

sample plan




  • bumagsak sila dahil sa open ended policy nila both CAP and Prudential, na babayaran daw kahit magkano ang tuition fee. eh tumataas ang tuition fee bumababa ang piso, nalugi sila at nagbabayad ng utang ngayon, now close ended na, very helpful pa rin ang educ.plan. di ka under pressure lalo pag dumating na pag college ng anak.

    " if you think education is expensive, try ignorance " - derek bok
  • Why invest with Philplans when you can invest in an education plan with Philamlife? Philam has 25B net worth-- meaning if it pays off all its debt and all its clients' claims, it will still have 25B remaining. Plus, it's an insurance company and not a pre-need company--and historically speaking, all failed educ plans came from pre-need companies, not from insurance companies.

    If you would like a proposal from Philam's Bright Future Plus education plan just for comparison's sake, PM me. Don't worry as requesting for a proposal is commitment-free. You owe it to your child to study all available options, especially when you're talking about their future education. :)

    Best of luck to you!
  • Better to make your own investments; i.e. stocks, bonds, real estate and cash, than invest in an educational plan. Best to consult a financial adviser for any investment plans.

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