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Treating acne, facial oil and scars

Hi PEX Forums,

I have been lurking in the forums for a long time and so today, I decided to register (finally). I have reserved a bunch of questions though.

Indeed, facial oil and dirt causes acne and pimples. I have used MASTER Facial Wash and Cleanser and a 'special' formula my mother bought for me (Lemon soap+Facial cleanser+Clindamycin+Retionic acid+Acne cream) but I find them ineffective. In fact, after arriving from school, my face gets oily and dark-ish brown/red all the time (the skin tone of my face doesn't match with the skin tone of my body/arms). Then after a day or two, acne and pimples start to grow. It's very annoying and embarrassing, it somehow degrades my confidence and self-esteem. I would scratch them whenever it gets itchy or whenever I get bored.

May I know what's the best and effective way to treat acne and facial oil? What would you recommend?

Thank you


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