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what can you say about this picture

this picture is circulating around the internet.


  • Sus. Halata naman na fake eh.
  • can't see the pic :(
  • Originally posted by xyzseaman
    Sus. Halata naman na fake eh.

  • Originally posted by andie
    can't see the pic :(

    May taong nakatayo sa isang mataas na building and sa likod ay may isang eroplano....that pic was taken in WTC no doubt about it....pero yung timer, eroplano ay fake.
  • Originally posted by singles


    Pag tinignan mo yung light effect nung tao, yung background, ibang iba yung kulay nung eroplano dun sa background....if you look closely, parang nangingibabaw yung kulay ng eroplano....masyadong matingkad ang kulay...
  • Originally posted by xyzseaman

    May taong nakatayo sa isang mataas na building and sa likod ay may isang eroplano....fake na fake naman yung dating eh!

    errr... pero u realize naman siguro na what they're trying to show is what supposedly happened before the attack in the WTC?

    juzz askin'..
  • IT's call a joke/hoax :D
  • unbelievable talaga....di kapani-paniwala...
  • we discussed this in another thread. common consensus was that its a fake and you don't have to be a techie person to figure it out. the date was sept 11-- its summer time there. the guy is wearing winter clothes. that says it all.
  • i dont bliv this either... i mean yea, id agree with Darthscully... and i was just thinking... if this picture was taken minutes before the event happened, how come they still have this photo? i mean, could it be na after the bldg was hit e talagang c-nave pa yung camera just to have that photo? besides parang ang ***** naman nung nagpicture na di man lang nakita yung plane at least bago niya pindutin yung botton sa camera... right?
  • The WTC observation deck was closed on that day and the plane's orientation is different from what was shown on video (wing should be a somewhat tilted right?)
  • :wave: :cheese: :furious: :grrr: Just want to say hello to everyone. That picture is absolutely fake. First of all, he's wearing a Winter Jacket. That day it was at least in the mid 80's. Second, it was my day off that day because of all the days that those ba$tards did that horrific deeds, it was my daughters 4th birthday. Third, I saw the second airplane hit the WTC. I was dropping off my daughter in school and the main entrance has a front view of the New York Skyline. All of a sudden the first tower was up in smoke then suddenly I saw the second plane coming really low then smashed into the second tower. We knew it was some kind of a terroristic attack because well trained pilots won't make mistakes like that.

    When I picked up my daughter she noticed it right away and asked me why there are lots of smoke on the building. All I can tell my daughter was, "Bad people broke the building and lots of people got hurt really bad.", her reply was, "They need lots of bandaid for their BU BU" I just hugged her real tight.

    So I'm in 100% support of our military and hope that they rip Osama Bin Laden a new one.
  • ano naman to............ paano naman maiiwan yung camera na buo......

    la namang natira ata doon eh....

  • ...fake talaga yang pic. na yan...as in naka-pose pa rin ung guy...di man lang naapektuhan na may parating na plane...syempre dapat alam nya na may parating na plane sa likod nya dahil maingay yon no! :mad: :D :cool: :);)
  • ...click nyo ung attachment, it's the bldg. that would replace the twin towers in respond to bin laden... :D
  • mga tao talaga maka-gimik lang oh....:grrr:

    magbonnet at heavy jacket daw ba sa summer? hello.
  • crazy people in this damn world :*)
  • I also got that pic through email and I agree, it looks fake.

    sexytots: :up: lol
  • at first sight palang its really unbelievable na jafakes kase e di dapat nakasama na yung camera sa mga gumuho and exposed na yung film.
  • Originally posted by sexytots
    ...click nyo ung attachment, it's the bldg. that would replace the twin towers in respond to bin laden... :D

    ROTFLMAO!!! :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao: :rotflmao:

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