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Data Recovery Services

Having trouble with your hard drive? External Hard drive? we can recover your files for you! contact us!

We offer recovery of your precious hard drive's data. We will get data you cannot access anymore from a system error, a broken Personal Computer or a destroyed external hard drive back to you. IDE, SATA, USB and external hard drives can be recovered.



  • Tips on preventing hard drive failure:

    Programs write and read from your hard drive when running, bouncing back and forth from spot to spot to find the sectors they need to operate, so if you run less programs, your drive heads aren't moving as often and your drive will last longer.

    Run a chkdsk at next boot. Press Start->Run and type cmd, type in the command chkdsk X: /f where X is the drive you want to check. then Press Y to schedule a check disk at next startup.

    If you hear vibrations coming from within your PC, open it and make sure the screws securing the drive to the mounting platform are tight.

    Eventually, Even with proper caring, Hard drive prevention failure, the drive will fail in a matter of time. It is best to back up your data before it happens.

    If you have data you need and no backups, then it is time to call in a professional who specializes in data recovery. Contact us!

  • Did you know that the DVRs of your CCTV use hard drives to store data (Videos)? DVRs use hard drive so that you can view previous recordings.

    Here are some tips on buying additional or main drive for your DVR and some tips for its hard drive’s maintenance:

    - When buying a hard drive, take into consideration the size you need for your DVR to optimize its use.

    - Contact the store where you bought your DVR and take note what kind of hard drive they use for the DVR (Typically SATA or PATA) and if it’s a 2.5" or 3.5" hard drive.

    - Frames per second or FPS: Your cameras send data (videos) to the DVR, They transfer a lot of images to create a video called Frames per second or FPS. The higher the FPS, the larger the data it makes.

    - Resolution: You can also take into consideration the resolution of the images that your cameras send to the DVR. If you don't need a high-resolution camera to do the purpose of your CCTV, it is best to adjust it to lower resolution to save space.

    - Space: Remember that the hard drive, once full, the DVR overwrites the earliest videos you recorded. To make full use of your CCTV and your hard drive, it's best to schedule your record, adjust your FPS and resolution to store more recording days into your hard drive. You might need previous videos in the future.

    When your hard drive corrupts and you cant access it anymore, and then you badly need something from it, leave it to L&L. We could help you recover the files. CALL US NOW!

  • External Drive reminders:

    Manage the temperature of your drives. Do not place your external in hot surfaces, It will overheat. Stay in a good well ventilated place and if possibly an air-conditioned place.

    Move electromagnetic fields away from your hard drive. Your hard drive stores your data through magnetism, thus making your hard drive susceptible to electromagnetic fields. One example is a simple motor. Your household fan and air conditioning are 2 common things that will emit electromagnetic fields. Keep your hard drive away from these.

    While plugged in, Do not DROP your external hard drive. This can cause a scratch to the platters inside your external that may cause to serious damage. Making your data unrecoverable.

    Properly disconnect your drive, This will make sure that your drive will shut itself down and prevent data loss. If you do not properly disconnect your drive there is a slight chance that your drive will show all data as corrupted or unreadable.

    If your external drive runs on an adaptor to run its power. Make sure you plug the right adaptor to your external drive. When given over voltage, it will destroy the circuit board and you will have to replace it to make your hard drive running again.

    Make sure you plug-in the right connector, there are some instances that one tries forcefully to plug-in a different connector and eventually destroys the female connector. Please make sure to plug-in the right connector to prevent damage of the circuit board and the female connector itself.

    When your hard drive fails and you can't access it anymore, and then you badly need something from it, leave it to L&L. We will help you recover your files.

  • Reformatted your drive? Forgot that you still have files left?

    Quick Format: A quick format will only delete the table of your HDD. Remember that your drive is not as smart as you! Deleting the data where your HDD knows where it stores your files will revert it back to "empty"

    Full Format: A full format will delete the table and the files. Fix bad sectors of your HDD and all the spaces can be used again as a fresh new "start"

    Usually people will tend to use Quick Format as Full Format takes longer time. As such, recovering lost data not overwritten (write new data to old data) is possible.

    Preserving your past data is the first priority!

    Do Not use the drive, using your drive will potentially overwrite past data when using it.

    Do Not Plug in the drive, 3rd party programs may also write to the drive without you knowing it.

    Bring the drive to Data Recovery Professional as soon as possible.
    L&L Data Recovery Services

  • Data Recovery software that works impressively stellar to accomplish the process of recovering lost, deleted, or inaccessible data on Windows based drives and removable media.

    how to recover deleted photos from iPhone
    . Recovers mission-critical files from Windows hard drive and supported external media
    . 'Raw Recovery' feature to flawlessly recover files from severely corrupt media
    . Recovers deleted emails in MS Outlook and Outlook Express ? Recovers files from damaged or corrupt optical media
    . Support for broad range of files types, including documents, photos, and multimedia files
    how to restore iPhone contacts
  • How to Recover Data from iPhone iPad iPod?
    If you are wondering how to recover your lost data from iPhone, I would like to recommend you an outstanding data recovery app—iPhone Data Recovery. As long as you have this useful app, you are able to recover deleted data from iPhone directly, or from iTunes/iCloud backup files. iPhone Data Recovery is your first choice to recover your lost contact, photos, videos, text messages, note, etc...
    How to Find and Restore Lost Contacts from iPhone
    How to Recover lost Data from iPhone
    All right, you can begin to recover your data with simple steps. View all the content of the tutorials below.
    How to Recover Photo Video from iPhone
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  • Want to find a data service? Then you shouldn't miss this one www.any-data-recovery.com
  • We're looking for a person that can work a DATA Entry Full-time or Part-time
    1. Job can be done anywhere and Anytime.
    2. Work is very simple and you can just work for a minimum of 2-3 hours/Per Day.
    3. Payment is base on how many hours you do the work and/or how fast you can do the job.
    You will require to:
    - To have a DATA Connection
    - A laptop (MOBILES/ TABLET will do so long as you have a good internet connection)
    1.Copy the provided link and paste it on browser then, Create account with your active email address and REGISTER AS A NEW USER with your chosen User ID and password. (Translate the page to ENGLISH)
    2. Once account is created start the job anytime and earn as much as you want.
    3. Please be reminded to register as NEW USER.
    4. The SITE won't ask any payment for the registration or even for the work that needs to be done.
    NOTE : Don't forget to translate the page to ENGLISH
    Job Type: Part-time/ Full-Time
    Salary: Php25,000.00 /month
  • Don't waste $1000 on the data recovery service. You can fix it on your own with the lastest free data recovery, which can handle the problems like: Accidentally Delete, Formatted Drive, Hard Disk Damage, System Crashed, Virus Attack, System Interrupts, Unexpected Power off and other improper operation. Recover all Lost/ Deleted/ Formatted/ Corrupted Files, including Documents, Pictures, Video, Audio, Email and other files from Computer and other storage devices with NTFS, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, EXT file system.
  • hi what best software to use, the partition of my hard disk was erased after re-installing windows 10.  I want to recover the files with the names of files as the original.  Please help
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