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Transfer Car Registration - Last owner did register into own name

Hi Guys,

First of all be gentle, I don't speak Tagalog, understand bits and pieces.

I'm looking at buying a used car and have come across some decent ones BUT the issue seems to always be the same thing with any cars that had more than one previous owner - the title still in the ORIGINAL owners name.

So I'm about to go ahead and buy a car I viewed today, but the original registration is in down in CDO.

The car was bought in Manila from a branch of the Surplus Company, but the title still in the Surplus company' name even though it was bought from them a year ago by the current owner - The title was never transferred.

The current owner has all the other details, transfer documents, OR / CR / Affidavit of sale, ID of the shipping company member who's name it is under etc.

The Registration all checks out in the LTO - on 2600 - and is up to date.

So ... IF I buy it and bring it to the LTO in QC, what is the procedure from there and how much is it likely to cost to sort the mess out ?

Will it entail having to go to CDO at some point or can the supporting documents be sent via overnight or are the documents that are included OK to transfer everything ?


This seems to happen so often its not funny, including dealers selling cars but cant find any real information on how to fix the problem :-S

Thanks in advance


  • You need the following:

    1. Original Official Receipt (OR) of current payment
    2. Original Certificate of Registration (CR)
    3. PNP-TMG Clearance for Transfer of Ownership Transaction
    4. Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (Stencil)
    5. Appropriate Insurance Certificate of Cover (COC) or endorsement from the Insurance company stating the new ownership
    6. Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN)
    7. Original Deed of Sale
    8. Secretary’s Certificate of Board Resolution if the vendor is a corporation, stating therein authority of the signatory to sign in behalf of the corporation
    9. In the absence of #7, original certification from local branch of court
    10. File application ONLY at LTO where the Certificate of Registration was issued.

    BTW with the implementation of EO 156, now might not be the best time to buy surplus/imported cars.
  • kelunji wrote: »
    You need the following:

    BTW with the implementation of EO 156, now might not be the best time to buy surplus/imported cars.

    We decided to not go for the Car (a Beautiful 96 Pajero Jr in 100% mint showroom condition) as it was imported in 2009

    The future of import vehicles is just to uncertain - real shame as I have a real love for the Pajero Jr and it was a hoot to drive.

    I hope they implement some sort of Grandfathering on formerly registered vehicles as its completely unfair to the thousands of people who bought without knowledge that this was illegal practice - its not about road safety its about lining pockets, new and second hand vehicles are just so overpriced here.

    Oh well - think I just bought a really clean local 2004 Mazda3 at a really good price :)
  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    First, those who do not transfer the name from the original owner are usually buy and sell persons. I'd avoid them as they usually do quick fixes and tamper mileages to make the sale. When you sell the car later on, make sure also that the buyer's name is affixed on the Deed of Sale and that it's not an open deed of sale; If anything happens to the car and it's still under your name (i.e. it was used in a crime or got into an accident), you can be held liable.

    Second, good you did not buy the surplus Pajero Jr. Sakit sa ulo yan (one big headache) later on especially if it's converted and that it has regional plates and registration. There will be time you have to deal with the "home office" where iit was registered and that will be a PITA if it's inaccessible. Secondly, converted vehicles with regional plates such as plates that start with "B" (Cagayan/CEPZA), "G" (Cebu), "K"(CDO), etc are prone to being pulled over for their papers to be checked by local enforcers and the Highway Patrol Group as there are issues with the legalities of these vehicles.
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