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Lost Driver's License

I misplaced my drivers license since December 2012 and I've given up hope in finding it, so now I'm decided to have it renewed. From the LTO website: http://www.lto.gov.ph/index.php/faqs/driver-s-licensing/ i found the following

5. If ever the driver’s license is lost, what are the requirements and procedures in acquiring one?
The following are the requirements and procedures to wit:
5.1. Affidavit of Loss;
5.2. Law Enforcement Clearance, LTO-Regional Office ( if the application is outside Metro Manila);
5.3. Filing of Certification of License Records-LTO, License Section, East Ave. QC / any LTO Agency.
5.4.Duplicate and renewal (if the driver’s license is renewable) of driver’s license at the LTO – Agency, transact anywhere if previously automated. Please take note that the renewal of driver’s license is simultaneous with the application of duplicate driver’s license. Licensing Fees varies, it depends on the expiry date & the date of application with LTO.

Item 5.1, I can get from an Atty nearby.
For items 5.2 to 5.4, can I accomplish the forms from the Ayala-MRT LTO Office? Can it be done in one day ?


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