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need help pls on diet and exercise for fat stomach with slouch lines

need help and advices naman po. Im 20 yrs old slim girl.. ngayon ko lang narealize na anlaki pala ng tyan, nakakafrustrate pag nakikita ko sarili ko sa salamin..payat naman ako, slim, pero anglaki ng belly ko- 27 waistline ko pero bloated talaga at may bilbil ako, at may 2 slouch lines pa sya..i started last week a clean diet- 1 cup of rice a day, without bread (except whole grain), green tea, and oats. I plan to do some exercises, and i heard that Shaun T's Insanity is really good for erasing flat belly, I also plan to do some weights and strength training pero di ko kasi alam kung everyday ba ang pageexercise or combine ang cardio and weights everyday...
Regarding my slouch lines, i noticed it ever since i was still in my elementary years...ano ba effective treatment to remove that? will fractional needling by belo will work, or is there any cheaper way to remove fine lines...


  • blakedaddyblakedaddy Moderator PEx Expert 🎖️
    ^ have you tried reading the beginner thread first? :)
  • Try Cardio exercise ng P90X, pede yan itorrent. hehe
  • Shaun T insanity wont give you miraculous results.. and without the proper strenght foundation might even lead to injuries :) as blake said read the begginers post.. best way to get rid of belly fat is thru a good strengthening program..

    My wife is 3 months post partum, i put her on a modified 5x5 program and she is looking way hotter than before her pregnancy :)
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