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Check Engine light Problem???

If your car check engine lights comes out! then you need a mechanic with a complete Automotive Diagnostic Scanner for all car models with a computer box to retrieve its trouble code >>>> to eliminate the guesswork and costly mistakes, troubleshooting Just dial this number: 628-4499 0r 09195163180 look for Jun Tejada or Orly Aviles :D the best mech in town... happy valentine :D:rotflmao:


  • Sometimes
    what causes the engine lights to come on
    check your gas cap
    changed oil
    check other fluids
    just because the engine lights turns on
    it doesnt mean theres something wrong with the car
    its just a warning to check it
  • A vehicles may have many problems but also have solutions of this problem, You have engine lights problems then you should check first about causes the engine lights to come on
    You must check oil fluids
    Gas cap sets.
    If you still face problems after checking these parts than you must get it checked by a good mechanic.

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  • Also at a certain mileage the lights comes on
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