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Mariah Carey's GLITTER (the Movie)

Have you seen it? Did you like it?

I didn't. Only thing I enjoyed seeing was Mariah's legs. :D


  • Saw it yesterday here on Detroit. Not that bad but don't expect much (especially on Mariah's acting).
  • from cinescape.com:

    Top Ten Rejected taglines for Mariah Carey`s new movie GLITTER
    10. GLITTER is the best movie starring a singer who can’t act since SHANGHAI SURPRISE
    9. GLITTER: You know you’re gonna see it. What are you going to do? See JEEPERS CREEPERS again?
    8. Mariah Carey — as you’ve always seen her before — dressed as a slut and acting like she’s all that
    7. Hey, everybody look at me! I’m acting!
    6. GLITTER: Because the name BROKEDOWN PALACE was already taken
    5. From the producers of COOL AS ICE …
    4. If you see only one movie this year, see MEMENTO. But, if you’re bored and high, see GLITTER
    3. This GLITTER sure ain't gold -- it's crap
    2. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll buy the soundtrack album
    1. Look Ma, no talent
  • clawed_outclawed_out PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    it didnt even make it on the top ten movies of the week..well so is the soundtrack.... :(
  • Never gonna watch this simply because Mariah C. is there....:lol: :bop: :crazy:
  • i heard it sucks the BIG TIME! HEH HEH!
  • Despite being the only major motion picture released last, last week, Glitter opened outside of the Top Ten Movies and grossed a pitiful $2.5 million.

    Ano ba'ng nangyari? Why was it so disastrous?
  • Originally posted by fenn
    Despite being the only major motion picture released last, last week, Glitter opened outside of the Top Ten Movies and grossed a pitiful $2.5 million.

    Ano ba'ng nangyari? Why was it so disastrous?

    Umm..coz Mariah showed too much of her skin FOR THE NTH TIME and people are tired to see her bod! hehehe :laugh: :toofunny:
  • Saw it on video today... didn't like it as much as I wanted to.

    I miss the old Mariah, the pristine voice, good image, and nice attitude.

    Now she's like a wild w h o r e .
  • i watched the movie already, and it isn't really Oscar material, but the thing is it's fast-paced, and the story is ok, when she sings a capella it's like WOW. Plus the soundtrack is very very good as well.

    The movie and soundtrack didn't do that well because of lack of promotion -- remember the breakdown? artists usually go around cities and TV shows to promote their releases, Mariah didn;t do any for health reasons.
  • It's been classified as the worst movie since Battlefield Earth.:lol: It bombed horribly at the U.S. Box Office and only a total idiot would go out and pay money to watch this piece of crap from a singer who doesn't even know what image she wants to project.:looking:
  • pinanood ko sya ....

    and pangit nga ang movie, di pangit dahil tinipid ang production pero pangit sya dahil nakakairita ang acting ni mariah and yung story parang naging diary nang mga fantasies ni mariah regarding sa mga triumph nya sa buhay.

    siguro more practice pa sya sa acting nya and sana din wag sya masyado mag pa sexy kasi parang di na bagay sa kanya.

    Regarding the album, maganda sya and sayang nga lang di nag number 1. Isa sa magandang cut nang album yung "last night a Dj saved my life".
  • i have no plans whatsoever of seeing any movie with Mariah Carey in it. :ayaw:
  • if you liked the songs, just get the soundtrack. spare yourself the movie.

    the movie is very predictable...it could have been borrowed from some sharon cuneta movies?! :p (yes, the story was LIKE THAT). everything is so contrived. it seemed setup so that audiences would cry at certain moments---unfortunately sobrang fake nga kaya hindi nagw-work. it was so predictable that by the time you finish the movie(if you had the patience to watch it till the ending), you would just say "hay salamat tapos na".

    plus, mas may chemistry pa si mariah at eric benet kesa si mariah and that guy who played opposite her. unfortunately bit role lang si eric benet dun.
  • Extra Weekly Report
    by Brandon Toliver

    Carey in Demand

    Singer/Songwriter turn actress Mariah Carey is apparently in high demand according to a Hollywood Source. Carey, whose movie “Glitter” opened to dismal reviews and a disappointing 2.5 million at the box office (the movie is expected to end its run with 6 million made in the US box office) seems to be on a list of some major Hollywood producers.

    “Many people who saw ‘Glitter’ admits that it was horribly written, but Mariah’s performance was considered very subtle with potential,” exclaims Bruce Evans a movie producer. “She has an undeniable look to her that makes her very pleasing onscreen. Many see her to become something special as long as she picks the right the scripts.”

    Several Hollywood observers are buzzing about Carey’s upcoming performance in the tentatively titled film, “Wise Girls”. Carey is said to be one of the highlights in the movie. In fact, director David Anspaugh is said to be scouting another script to feature Carey, who he considers, “a natural onscreen”.

    But Carey’s appeal is not just geared towards the big screen. Producers of “Ally McBeal” and “My Wife and Kids” are rumored to be in talks with the singer to appear in an episode of their show.

    “When you are a big name like Mariah Carey, regardless of your movie’s success, you are going to be in demand,” said Evans, “She looks to have a bright future in Hollywood.”
  • Originally posted by soulthird
    Extra Weekly Report
    by Brandon Toliver
    “When you are a big name like Mariah Carey, regardless of your movie’s success, you are going to be in demand,” said Evans, “She looks to have a bright future in Hollywood.”

    What Evans said was very true...:handsdown: very true indeed. :glee:
  • "This may be the dorkiest movie of the year."
    -- Dave White, IFILM

    "Hampered by shallow sentiment, awful dialogue, loose plot threads, a sucky romantic subplot, and ugly voice dubbing in places."
    -- Brian Webster, APOLLO GUIDE

    "While it seems cruel to kick a person when she's down, it would be inaccurate to call Carey's performance anything other than groan-inducing."

    "Disappointing and dull."
    -- Jane Stevenson, JAM! MOVIES

    "A butt-numbing exercise in tedium."
    -- Steve Simels, TV GUIDE'S MOVIE GUIDE

    "Glitter, the kind of movie only 11-year-old girls who dot their i's with hearts would find bearable, is filled with unintentionally humorous moments that tower over any comedy released this year."
    -- Rene Rodriguez, MIAMI HERALD

    "Carey's exceedingly modest acting talents will likely have her fans advising her to keep her day job."

    "The film is neither fun nor particularly heart-wrenching."
    -- Kirsten Markson, POPMATTERS

    "It's just an intentional hoot, sabotaged by clunky direction, a screenplay so awful it feels as though there are no vowels, and Carey's inability to recite a line of it."
    -- Gregory Weinkauf, NEW TIMES LOS ANGELES

    "A hopeless chain of cliches--half wish-fulfillment fantasy and half weepy soap opera."
    -- Frank Swietek, ONE GUY'S OPINION

    "There is good. There is bad. There is worse and terrible and pathetic and painful. Then there is Glitter."
    -- Chuck Schwartz, CRANKY CRITIC®

    "About as fresh as rancid Chinese food that has been stuck in the back of the refrigerator for several months."
    -- Dustin Putman, THEMOVIEBOY.COM

    "Succeeds only in being the most unintentionally funny film since Battlefield Earth."
    -- Bill Pearis, CITYSEARCH

    "Too dull to warrant any genuine enjoyment."
    -- Joe McGovern, MATINEE MAGAZINE

    "Destined for bad cinema lore."
    -- Walter Chaw, FILM FREAK CENTRAL

    "The great failure of Glitter is that it stops just short of being deliciously bad enough to qualify as a camp classic."
    -- Stephanie Zacharek, SALON.COM

    "A vehicle that tarnishes as you watch it, leaving this troubled chart-topper lost in a sea of drunken, maudlin cliches."
    -- Michael Wilmington, CHICAGO TRIBUNE

    "We don't have much space to tell you about Glitter, so we'll be blunt. This star vehicle for singer Mariah Carey is primarily a showcase for her breasts."
    -- Megan Rosenfeld, WASHINGTON POST

    "Dim bulb of a movie."
    -- Claudia Puig, USA TODAY

    "A derivative mishmash of cinematic and real-life situations."

    "Only diehard Mariah fans, 11-year-old girls, or anyone truly desperate to escape last week's terror might find some reason to sit through this bland, bloated, self-addressed valentine."
    -- Kevin Maynard, MR. SHOWBIZ

    "Having gone through a few different titles on its ignominious path to the big screen, Glitter deserves yet another title: A Star Is Dull."
    -- Robert Koehler, VARIETY

    "Another of what have become far too common lately: unintentional laughfests."
    -- David Hunter, HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

    "Carey is weirdly blank and recessive."
    -- Owen Gleiberman, ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY
  • helooooo.....

    dnt be fools...

    dnt let others influence you with their own opinion...you have your own opinion...the only thing you should do is to see the movie so that you can have your own opinion about it...

    there are people who find it not really that bad...i agree...if you will just watch it...
  • tanong ko lang.......ang GLITTER ba comedy? :glee:
  • Originally posted by bronze_freak
    tanong ko lang.......ang GLITTER ba comedy? :glee:


  • mc307.jpg

    lookalike nito.....



    Scoop: Mariah is on the PLANET OF THE APES 2 .... no prosthetics......galeng galeng ni Mariah! :glee:

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