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Pertua Oil and Metal Treatment for Cars and Motorcycle

The revolutionary oil and metal treatment that keeps all types of engines performing better than new! That’s true, this is shown and validated by scientific state of the art equipments such as computerized dynamometer and engine analyzer.

Per’tua Oil, likewise, has more prominent physical characteristics that makes it superior and with outstanding performance over other leading brands. It becomes an integral part of the metal, a U. S. patented technological breakthrough that was never before found in any single oil product. Per’tua becomes semi-permanent on the surface of the metal; it will enable the machine to run safely for ample period time just in case you are unaware of the loss of oil. Every morning engine start up, due to the overnight dripping of the oil on the oil pan, the absence of the oil on the metal parts will cause tremendous wear. It’s a different With Per’tua! Because it doesn’t leave the metal and keep it always protected.

Typically, for motor oils, the normal life is only good for 3,000 miles (5,000 Km.) or 250 running hours on heavy equipment, however, Per’tua oils live 2 to 3 times longer than usual oil change frequency of other oils in the market.

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  • IMHO, oil treatments and additives are just for those who have the extra cash.

    1. Who would be an idiot to run his engine with no oil?

    2. As long as you follow the manufacturers requirement for the proper oil change and type of oil, you will be ok.

    Not being a grump here, but hey, I am for the guys who need to save money.
  • K.I.L.L.
    K.I.L.L. My brain only has 512mb!
    I'm with joeyd. Only an idiot would run his engine without oil. All those companies that used to sell additives such as superlube, duralube and all the others had infomercials showing how they were running their engines without oil. They're all gone.

    For my diesel rig, I use semi-synthetic oil. For my cars, I use fully synthetic oil. I use a good fuel filter which I change every 5,000kms alo g with the engine oil and have never had any issues.

    To the TS. Since you mentioned that you have had your oil additive tested, please post the results and I hope that the testing agency is a credible authority on oils that is independent and trusted. I hope you can show us before and after graphs of the dyno performance so we can see the actual difference.
  • TS is obviously a spammer.
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