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car nuts/ experts/ pros.. enlighten me please..

sorry po pero noob talaga ako when it comes sa specs ng cars or technical stuffs.. nalilito po kasi ako sa 4 speed, 5 speed, 6 speed automatic / manual na yan.. yung numbers are the number of gears right? so mas marami, mas okay, mas smooth yung takbo DAW at mas fuel efficient kasi hindi hirap yung makina? totoo po ba yun?

kasi ni-release na sa phil market ang hyundai accent hatchback which is 4 SPEED AUTOMATIC at DIESEL variant na po ito.. so meaning hindi sya ganun ka ganda ng performance compared sa mga 5 speed automatic cars or higher? so mas okay *** engine ng jazz at fiesta kasi mas mataas ang number ng gears nila? pero Diesel yung hyundai compared sa dalawa.. so may effect yung pagka DIESEL ng accent hatchback kaya 4 speed matic lang sya?

sorry for my ignorance guys.. TIA


  • Doesn't really matter how many gears are available, as long as the engine can actually utilize those extra gears. I've driven an old Mustang with a 3.6L engine and only 3-speed gears (didn't feel like you needed another gear), a Corolla with a 3K engine and 5-speed gears (the 5th was actually useless because wala na ibubuga yung makina) and an owner-type jeep with a 4G32 Saturn engine with only 4 speed gears (w/c clearly wanted an extra 5th gear as the engine could still wanted to stretch its legs). It all depends on the engine to gear ratio.
  • K.I.L.L.
    K.I.L.L. My brain only has 512mb!
    Kelunji is correct. It depends on how well mated the transmission is to the engine.

    Diesel engines usually have a higher torque as compared to petrol engines. Their transmissions are made to utilise that. Getting a diesel over a petrol car is a bigger concern for me as the maintenance for each type is a bit different.
  • And if it is automatic, wala ka ring magagawa kung 4 or 5 speed...automatic yan e.

    What I like about auto tansmissions are sila na (manufacturers) ang may alam kung ano ang tamang shifting ng sasakyan mo...nung manual kasi ako before I always shift kahit hindi pa masyadong mataas ang mas makaka stress sa makina mo.
  • Kill and Kelunji is correct. Doesnt really matter how many gears you have. Better decide first if you are getting diesel or gasoline engined car. Second, if you prefer manual or automatic. Ang hilig kasi ng Pinoy sa manual at mas maraming gear e. Pero in the end, analo yung kung ano yung mas madali gamitin para sa iyo. For me, I used to prefer manual tranny, mas macho ang dating e, which is true kasi nga kung karerista ka (legal or illegal) mas sulit ang manual. But now (hindi pa gaanong matanda ha, heheh), I now prefer matics, as it is easier and convenient, during stop and go traffics as well as long drives. Nung manual pa ang sasakyan ko, mejo hirap kumain burger and fries sa stop and go traffic. Sa matic, walang hirap kahit na mcchicken pa, hehe.
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