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First timer

Hi Pexers,

I need help po on where I could find a book on Hegel's Dialectic? I tried asking at a National bookstore branch but they don't have in their other branches too.

thank you


  • ManfromDasma, try Goodwill Bookstore, or any other bookstores. Maybe Fully Booked? If I remember correctly, they have a philosophy section...

    That said, you might want to pick a specific book on Hegel's Dialectic. I don't think our bookstores' databases also cover book subject in their search functions. :)
  • F-A SoldierF-A Soldier PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I actually read Hegel (not just dialectics but a lot of his works) from websites. Don't waste money on it, many of the classics you can download free on the internet...some sites even have it as open file/pdf. Don't waste a penny, unless it's a really good book. Hegel is fcking boring (like the old version of HL Mencken :glee:), don't waste your money because you're probably not gonna read it more than once.



    What you need is just in one book: The Science of Logic aka Logic


    I've read it online 5+ years ago when I wrote a paper on Karl Marx, Fanon and Nietszche (and I think Spinoza).


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