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Which international celebrities or artists that are more good looking in person?

jeganrrjeganrr PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
From what I read on the internet there are celebrities that are plain looking on tv or pictures but are more good looking in person. They said that's because of the lighting and other reasons. I have seen an actress or actor in person, but i haven't seen a celebrity who is an actor or actress in person. I just want to ask which celebrities you have seen are more good looking in person?

Any Opinions?


  • Cate Blanchett was ... how do you put this? Ethereal. She was ethereal in person. She wasn't in costume, but you can feel the presence of Galadriel emanating off her. And that was with me standing behind three people while she walked the red carpet for The Hobbit last December. :)

    Aidan Turner looks exactly the same (well, cleaner) in person as he does on TV/film.

    And Andy Serkis also looks better in person, but that's probably because much more of his personality is exposed in person than in photos/film.


    then again, that's the red carpet. :)

    TS, you might have a hard time gathering opinions on this as respondents would need to be exposed to international celebrities/artists on a regular basis. :/
  • Russell Brand. He looks like a washout hasbeen with hair-nest, but really, he's quite good looking in person. And yes, the man has a penchant for words. He's an intelligent sort of guy.
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