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Spike Jonze

i remember while watching MTV and i see these videos by Bjork, Weezer, The Beastie Boys, Sean Lennon and i went, "whoa! these are great videos! who made these?!" so i find out that most of the music videos i liked were done by a certain Spike Jonze. fortunately, studios gave him a budget and he makes an excellent (the best of 1999) first film- Being John Malkovich. he was able to totally reinvent John Cusack and Cameron Diaz (that makes him an "actor's director", i guess). and his directorial talent's apparently contagious- his girl Sofia Coppola goes and makes The Virgin Suicides. plus- he was great actor in The Three Kings as a bumbling soldier. last i've heard (aside from making Walken dance) is that he's busy saving Nicholas Cage's thespian soul in a new movie. i'm hooked!

other Jonze fans out there?


  • I love Spike Jonze. He's the guy behind MTV [email protected] din diba?

    But I think, Sofia Coppola got "infected" from her father and her brother Roman first, way before than Spike Jonze.
  • I think he's great! His work is very raw which makes you appreciate the story behind all the glitz and glamour.
  • I like his style of directing music videos, very unique and entertaining. I love his work in the Fatboy Slim videos.... especially "weapon of choice"
  • I love Spike Jonze!!!!! he's so creative, grabe. i'd love to be such a visionary like him.

    i know sofia sucked big time in The Godfather III(visions of "i love you, cuz" :vomit: ) but you can't hate her sense of style.
  • I like him. I thought Being John Malkovich was brilliant, but I would consider it the best film of 1999. His style, at present, is a bit rough, but he's got great talent.
  • oh... i also think he's one of the funniest guys around. i just adored how he treated the DVD version for Being John Malkovich. the roving interviews, deadend easter eggs- nice.

    i don't think his work is rough at all. the "amateurish routines" he uses ("Praise You", "Sabotage"), i think is premeditated. i think the word "edgy" would be more appropriate. i think of Kevin Smith more when i hear "rough"- his latest was like a home movie (not necessarily a bad thing).

    Spike Jonze's about to start work on his new movie with Kauffman as scriptwriter again. i think it's called "Adaptation" starring Nic Cage. Micheal Stipe would be producer again, i guess. if it's half as good as "Being John Malkovich"- i'm there! i hope he works with artists with more talent than Fatboy Slim in future music videos though.

    and yes- Sofia almost singlehandedly destroyed The Godfather franchise. :lol:

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