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Wishing for a Toyota Wish

Have you seen or tried riding this beautiful car? Unfortunately it is not being sold here. I tried riding one (and it's being used as a Taxi) when I was in Singapore.

I'm wondering why Toyota Philippines is not releasing this car here in the Philippines and instead they are selling us an Innova.

Price wise, they're almost the same (mid model of Innova and Wish).

Here are images of the Toyota Wish:




  • Innova, Hilux and Fortuner all share the same platform so its cheaper for Toyota Philippines to manufacture locally at Sta. Rosa plant.
  • shun_sakurai
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    Was also able to hitch a ride on an acquaintance's Wish while being shuttled from Changi airport to our hostel in Chinatown. It's not bad. Plenty decent for a people mover - I would say it's even a bit more car-like than the Innova.

    ...Which is probably why it's not sold here.

    My guess is, Toyota would have to either retool its factories to accommodate local manufacture of the Wish or import it wholesale for sales to happen. That's likely not desirable as the Innova and Previa occupy the Wish's potential role already and we might see cannibalization of sales if the three occupy too close a price point.
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