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I just want to share my opinion about this one.
Hindi sa sinisiraan ko sila pero according to what I received from the students there eto feedbacks:

1. Teachers nambubully. nambabato ng notebook, nagpapakain ng papel sa estudyante.

My sibling was expelled because nahulihan humawak ng pipe. Unang una, hindi nagmamarijuana kapatid ko. I talked to their principal
at sinabi madaming kaso. but as far as I know, they cannot expel a student and it cannot be counted as a continuous offense if iba iba ang violation.

and 2nd HOW on Earth nakapasok ang MARIJUANA/SHABU and yung mga estudyante dyan, within the school grounds pa! 30+ ang na expelled dahil sa act. inexpelled without notice, kada offense or violation ay di nagnonotify ang teachers. nadawit brother ko. I dared them to perform a drug test then it was negative. still maraming magulang narin ang nakiusap pero hindi sila pumayag.

walang silbi ang guards, kahit sino pede makapasok sa school.

kakaiba nga lang, DRUGS sa loob ng school? Now, humaharap ang school na to, yung mga magulang na nakiusap, they filed a lawsuit against this school.

serves the school right. security, walang kwenta!
any comments or opinions are welcome here, i need it. please no arguments po.
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  • Hi MintyVampire, is this the same school in Malagasang II? My bestfriend's daughter just started last month and I am planning to enroll my daughter next school year also. So I wanted to know the school's background...please reply. Thank you.
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