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For the future of Final Fantasy ... Toriyama has to go

check this article

Revisionist BS fro the director of Final Fantasy XIII, Motomu Toriyama, who want's us to believe all his BS. Saying Lightning is the first female protagonist in a Final Fantasy is rewriting history as if Final Fantasy VI. Yes FFVI was more of an ensemble piece but Terra and Celes were the central characters. And if he wants to argue against that then what about FFX-2?

He also says that Lightning Returns is to make people "fall in love with her even more". Ok no one fell in love with Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII she was an average at best character and Toriyama has been insisting for a long time she's an icon and she a great character that people love.

He also says Lightning is the strongest female character. Again looking bada$$ doesn't make you the strongest. Aeirth sacrificed herself to save the world makes her strong. Celes from FFVI had overcome despair after the the world turned to s*** makes her strong. Lightning doing 1 Million Backflips and diving 100 meters to the ground does not make her strong.

Motomu Toriyama making a game like Lightning Returns (what is she Batman or Superman? Sorry she's not that popular for people to care if she returns) and ignoring past FF games shows that he's the main cancer to the Final Fantasy series. The one that turned one of the greatest gaming experiences of all time into a joke in the eyes of the gaming community.

I loved Final Fantasy and still want to give it a chance but when the successor to handle the franchise stays in self denial what chance does the once great franchise have.


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    RFE: Mali ang spelling ko ng Hironobu.
  • Hear, hear! Bring back Sakaguchi! The reason we bought an Xbox is because of the Lost Odyssey game from Sakaguchi (and other JRPG's from other studios). After FFX and X-2, it was all downhill IMHO for the FF series.
  • Bringing Sakaguchi back is a-OK for me, but someone else who can really restore the integrity of the FF series will also do.

    All I can say is: Square Enix must hire the likes of Kinoko Nasu and Gen Urobuchi.
  • Tifosi wrote: »
    Hear, hear! Bring back Sakaguchi! The reason we bought an Xbox is because of the Lost Odyssey game from Sakaguchi (and other JRPG's from other studios). After FFX and X-2, it was all downhill IMHO for the FF series.

    I did like FFXII and thought it was a quality game. It could have been much better though if it wasn't for Square Enix execs messing with Matsuno's vision of the game.

    Sakaguchi was the backbone of the franchise even if he wasn't the hands on guy he was still able to guide the directors in making a great game (FFVII and FFIX are an example of this). I guess without him most of the people involved in Final Fantasy are just lost.

    Consequently Lost Odyssey, despite having problems of it's own, is a very good JRPG. The gameplay was good, visuals looked great (despite frame rate issues), music was the best Uematsu has done since FFVI, character designs had a more mature look to it, and it had a pretty decent story.
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    The problem with Final Fantasy: the final game should've been the first one.

    Same rehash sh!t about the end of the world, saving it with romance (usually blooms by the need toe escort this chic to destroy something/somewhere) between a metrosexual ridiculous weapon wielding doosh and some overly sexualized female with huge **** and super innocent tendencies , using an airship, summoning pokemons and from time to time token black guys.

    There's also a bunch of card games, talking (but hardly understandable) fat cats with wings, giant chickens you can ride and destructive megalomaniac psychopaths whose sole reason and desire to destroy the known world is fcking stupid as baddies in there.

    Ever wonder: the universe of each game are different, but why do they all have sh!tty retarded names for characters esp. the bad guys?

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