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[MERGED] Scabies


I am just concerned about a couple of things. Here's the scenario: Everytime after I take a bath (or perspire), a couple of itchy red patches will appear on my skin, mostly on the chest and back.

I just want to know what are scabies.
Is this same with "kuto"?
What will be the symptoms if I have one?
Is there a cure for this?

Thanks in advance.


  • Ira
    Ira Member
    Those rashes that appear after bathing are not scabies. Scabies are parasitic infestations caused by the mite Sarcoptes scabiei. It is almost always acquired by sleeping with or in the bedding of an infested individual or by other close contact. The itching occurs only at night, and the lesions look like itchy cysts with burrows on the sides of the fingers, palms, wrists, elbows, underarms, and singit. It is different from kuto (pediculosis). And yes, scabies can be treated.

    You probably have miliaria, what is commonly known as prickly heat. It can be prevented thru avoidance of overbathing and strong soaps, avoiding close-fitting synthetic clothes and wearing loose clothing in light, breathable fabrics, drying yourself well after bathing or swimming, and of course, avoiding too much exposure to hot or humid environments. For the rashes, you can try Caladryl, Sarna lotion or Fenistil gel, applied 2-3x daily. Prickly heat powders or even cornstarch from your kitchen may help, too.
  • Sabi nung derma na pinuntahan namin, scabies daw yung sa pamangkin ko na 9 months old, nagpacheck-up na kami at nagreseta ng hydrocort cream saka sulphur lotion kaso wala talagang epekto sa baby, samin naman e kwell lotion maganda naman result samin kc nawala mga butlig-butlig at kati, dinala namin sa ibang doktor, sabi naman e allergy lang daw yun sa milk kaya nagreseta ng milk na alfare at binawalang kumain mommy nya ng egg at chicken kc breastfed sya. kaso lalo pa ring dumadami yung pagpapantal. balak sana namin i-kwell lotion na rin yung baby pero nde daw sa kanya advisable dahil baby pa.

    1. ok lang po ba kung subukan namin sa baby yung kwell lotion?
    2. ano po ba epekto ng kwell lotion sa baby na 9 months old?
    3. ano po ba mga bawal at pwede nyang kainin?
    4. ano po ba mganda gawin kasi kamot ng kamot yung baby e nasusugat na balat nya?
    5. ano po kaya magandang gamiting sabon or lotion para sa scabies kung scabies man yun?
  • Kwell is known to cause neurotoxicity in children due to their larger surface area, which place them at risk for greater systemic absorption, that's why your physician was hesitant in prescribing Kwell. Toxicity cases were reported primarily in cases of overuse or accidental ingestion, but for infants, it's better to be very careful with regard to using potentially toxic substances. Prescribing Kwell to kids is discouraged by all pediatricians and dermatologists. There is a safe antiscabies solution in the US, Permethrin, which is given to infants with scabies, but unfortunately, it's unavailable locally. A local lotion is available, Eurax 10% lotion, but its success rate is only 50%. I suggest you take your niece again to a dermatologist, maybe the dermatologist knows where to get permethrin, or alternatively, evaluate and give you very specific instructions on how to use Kwell on your niece if she really needs this medication. In the meantime, continue with the hydrocort cream. It will ease the itchiness. Cold baths, lotions and Caladryl will also help with the itching. There's no food that should be avoided, nor will any particular soap cure your niece. Just follow the dermatologist's instructions on how to remove the mite from your house.

    Just a note: A child may still be itchy for a few weeks after the treatment has gotten rid of the mites. This means that the child is reacting to the mites, not that the treatment has failed to get rid of them.
  • how about neem leaf lotion? neem oil? are these available locally? i've seen it on the internet, is it good?
    thank you very much Doc Ira!
  • It's not available locally in drugstores. I'm not familiar with the product personally, and I wouldn't really know whether it's safe for infants or not. If it's one of those alternative medicine stuff, you'd probably be better off seeing a dermatologist for your niece's safety.
  • thank you very much for your help!:)
  • You're welcome.
  • branchmanager
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    yung ka office mate ko meron daw siya nito kaya pala lamot siya ng kamot pano ba ito na gagamot?
  • If I remember right, you treat it with lotions containing lindane, permethrin, or crotamiton. The lotion is applied to the whole body.

  • branchmanager
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    Originally posted by EverAfter
    If I remember right, you treat it with lotions containing lindane, permethrin, or crotamiton. The lotion is applied to the whole body.


    gift ko nalang sa kanya sa christmas hehehehe, tell me the name ng lotion para bilin ko salamat!
  • Kwell or Scabene.

    Tell her to go to a doctor first. Baka di scabies yan.

  • branchmanager
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    Originally posted by EverAfter
    Kwell or Scabene.

    Tell her to go to a doctor first. Baka di scabies yan.


    bakit ano ba ang kamukha ng scabies that hindi scabies yung sa kanya if ever?
  • Unless you're trained to diagnose scabies, skin manifestations will look very similar to food allergies, fungal infection, keratinization problems, immune problems, or dermatitis. The medicine used to treat scabies can also be toxic, and should be used only under physician's supervision. So just tell your officemate to see a dermatologist first before trying any scabies medication.
  • Alunsina
    Alunsina Pinay Adventures Online
    It was diagnosed as scabies. Still, after 2 -3 tries of kwell 1% lotion following doctors directions 3 days application after nightbath and repetion after seven days, ganun pa rin. Also change of beddings, at pinakuluan pa sa mainit na tubig including clothes. Almost two months condition na. Marami na ring maliliit na nicks/ sugat dahil sa pagkakamot.

    Nahawahan ang buong household, pero after the kwell gumaling silang lahat except me.

    Maybe because I'm pregnant? Help! Malapit na akong manganak and I worry na mahawahan ang baby.
  • try eurax lotion or cream. any of the two preparation will do. there are only 2 medications available againts scabies kwell and eurax. anyway scabies are quite difficult to control at times whether you are pregnant or not.
  • Alunsina
    Alunsina Pinay Adventures Online
    I already tried eurax. Didn't help either. Even ditched my beautiful dog, which the doctor downplayed as the possible cause. He said that that's just old women's myth.

    How about sulfur? The ones available at the market. Greenish -yellowish powder? Add daw with baby oil. My neighbor said that it might work. Is this possible?

    What else can I do? or use?:confused:
  • sulfur will work if there is superimposed bacterial infection. there's no harm in trying though. i'm afraid there no other medicine available in the market aside from those that i mentioned. it is also important to know that most of treatment failures happened because the source of infection is still there. (from clothings, beddings, blankets or other people who is having the same problem).
  • Alunsina
    Alunsina Pinay Adventures Online
    ok. susubukan ko uli. anyway, thank you so much, bjmanabat . if there's anything new i can try, let me know people ok?:cool:
  • feisty_virago
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    I have an officemate who currently has scabbies (galis). Nakakahawa ba to? Mejo bad trip ako kasi kung nakakahawa ito, hinihiram niya ung PC ko sa work kasi mbilis internet connection ko. She uses it for official business naman when she wants to send emails. Accounting clerk/encoder siya so hindi nilagyan ng office yung PC niya ng internet kasi ung accounting software lang yung pwede nandun kasi mahirap na kung magkaron ng virus ung PC na yon. (at mahirap na kung panay songs lang download niya or manood na, considering kelangan walang distraction sa mga bookkeepers dapat, hehe)... Since I'm into research, nasa akin naman yung may kick-@ss na internet:D Anyway, madalas nga niya gamitin PC ko. Pero ask ko lang kung nakakahawa ba yung galis? Alam mo naman na maligo ako sa alcohol everytime na gagamitin ko yung PC. Eh mejo kahiya nman kung paliliguan ko PC ko ng alcohol after she gets to use it eh sobrang magkalapit kami ng work station. Bad trip nga kasi feeling ko kinakati ako minsan eh...She's taking some cream medicine/soap daw though...Hindi pa ata covered ny health card namin mga skin disease. Leche...:depressed:
  • It's contagious by direct contact. You won't catch it if you share your computer with her, not unless you live with her, share clothes, and sleep in the same bed.
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