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a love story with a near death experience at the end.

rickymrickym PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
it's a free ebook which you can download with multiple formats


an excerpt of what happened on 'the other side'

"I agreed and said yes. At that moment, I saw energy from both our bodies expand and somehow reach out to each other. We felt this tug to likewise move towards each other. We hugged and kissed and the energy encapsulated us with beautiful colors of red and yellow. We felt as one. As if nothing else mattered and nothing ever would. Then I felt more energy come down from the ball of light. It showered us from above. I felt it enter the top of my head as it crawled down my spinal column. Then it expanded through my body and exploded into other colors of the rainbow. Cris at this time managed to experience the same.

The brilliant light display attracted other people and they watched in amazement. Never had they seen the energy in such a spiritual, loving as well as lustful manner. It was truly a reconciliation of heaven and earth."

if you like it, please spread the link to people who may like it.


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